Two Rings for Giants Don't Reflect 21st Century Results By Andrew Gardner


Since 2007, there are only 2 teams in the NFL to win multiple titles. The New England Patriots (3) and the New York Giants (2). Looking at this many people would say that the Giants have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL during that time. I'm here to tell you that if the Giants didn't have those two titles, they would be viewed as one of the worst NFL franchises in the 21st century.

Let's look back really quick at the Giants 2007 and 2011 season, both of which they won the Lombardi Trophy. The team barely snuck into the playoffs with the likes of a 10 win 2007 season and 9 win 2011 season. They then rattled off 4 straight wins to win their titles, a very impressive feat especially considering some of the teams they had to face. But beyond those two seasons the Giants have been inconsistent and often feel like they disregard their recent failures, due to these titles. The Jets are often looked at as the laughing stock of NY football teams, which is a fair argument to make, however the Giants have only won 2 extra games then the Jets did in the 2010s, with the Giants finishing 70-90 and the Jets 68-92. This record puts the Giants 24th out of 32 teams in the NFL during this decade, well below the average mark. In fact in the last 3 seasons the Giants have been the worst team in the NFL, sitting dead last with a record of 12-36. 

If the Giants had missed the playoffs both of those years, which they were very close to doing, how would their franchise be looked at differently today? The Giants haven't had a single playoff win since 2000, besides those two seasons and I wonder if the franchise would have made more aggressive moves if the team hadn't won those two years. Would Eli have been the QB for as long as he was? Would the Giants have tried to rebuild their team at a quicker pace? These are both theoretical questions that are impossible to answer but are interesting to think about. I think that the Giants have a lot of upside on their team and will be much better in the next few years, especially with the fact that the NFC East always seems to be a division that any team can win. With teams who have been more successful in these past 20 years such as the Packers, Seahawks, and Saints (each with 1 title), Giants fans should be very grateful for the two titles their team brought home, when they capitalized on the opportunity they had.


-Andrew Gardner

UNH 23'


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