21 Savage Crazy Story By Mohamed Ali

The first ever Wildchat sports Rap and Hip Hop edition we present Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, an artist formerly known as  21 Savage. Who’s team is called the slaughter gang, they use a dagger and a mask for their logo.  He is a young  black man from Atlanta whose genre of music is  rap/hip hop. You might have seen him in the media during 2019  when it  came to light that he got arrested by ICE because of  his ongoing immigration case when ice discovered he was born in Britain. His legal battle with ICE is still going on in 2020  about him immigrating into the United States at a young age. There were some artists in the industry that turned their back on 21 Savages we all had noticed who were silent on the matter and who also did not quietly help him out either. One artist comes to mind that went above and beyond to help 21 Savage in his time of need and his name is Jay Z he helped with finding the right lawyers who specialize in immigration.



When ICE finally let Shéyaa Bin Abraham- Joseph out of an unknown detainment facility and informed him his case was still on going. On the day he got  released he went straight to Jay Z and Beyoncé house to thank them and to offer them some sort of compensation in the forum of some undisclosed amount of money but Jay Z turned down the offer because he was a real one who  general cared about him who didn't do it for money or fame but to help someone who was down. I feel for the brotha  me personally  I am also British and immigrated to the  United States so I understand the challenges so keep your head up. Never give up  keep fighting for your  legal status in the United States 21 Savage I am rooting for you. I hope you beat his case. I think I some part of his fans somewhat think he lied to them by making them think he’s born and raised in Atlanta.Which I think is wrong to believe that he did anything like that.He moved to america at such a young age that Atlanta is his home and I think it will also hold a special place for him. You can hear in his verses that Atlanta is what he knows and Britain is a part of him but a distant memory of his early childhood.That media shouldnt slam 21 Savage as a fake person or a poser it's just not justified there are many fake people in the music industry but he isn't one. Many people such as myself think 21 Savage is a industry leading artist whose voice and rap  flow is unique. When he hopes on a verse he just kills it verse after verse he shares everything without filtering parts out. He has the special ability in his music  to paint you a visual  picture of his childhood days to his current vibe to you.He is known for dropping albums such as Issa,Without Warning and I am>I was. His current album is called Savage Mode II with Metro Boomin and Morgan Freeman that dropped on apple music and Spotify last week Friday. He goes into detail about him being british in verses to his haters  such as “I ain’t know nothin’ ‘bout no Visa,I was in the park with the gang”.Then verses like “Moms be feelin’ bad, I try to tell her she is not to blame” it tells you how bad his mom felt for everything that he might of expected as a child and shape  him as the young black man we know today.

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