A Busy Day in Sports- July 23rd, Breaking Down What Occurred

For the first time in what seems like months, there’s been big news, real games, and drama across the sports community all in one day. Let’s take a look at a few of the big headlines that came out today. 

Seattle Announce Name For NHL Team 

After over 2 years of being known as “NHL Seattle”, the 32nd NHL franchise finally has a name, the Seattle Kraken. This was the undoubted front runner for the name and I’m very pleased that they ended up going with it as I think it has a great sound to it. The thing that surprised me was how great the logo and jerseys turned out, as they may already be some of my favorites in the league. The team will go with two tones of navy/sky blue as their main colors, with white and red being the complementing colors. The logo looks really slick, with the “S” having a large tentacle wrapping its way through the middle of it, and a menacing looking eye under the crest of the “S”. I also really like the secondary logo which at a glance is an anchor, but the middle of it actually includes one of the cities icons, The Space Needle. The Kraken will open play in the Pacific Division for the 2021-2022 NHL season. 

(Picture Credit: Star Tribune and NBC Sports)

Redskins Name Officially Out, Organization Using Placeholder Name for 2020

Washington Football Team”, that’s the new name. Sound boring? That’s because it is. The organization ditched the Redskins name today and will look to remove the logo from all websites and facilities within the next 50 days. This means that the team will essentially be nameless for the 2020 season and will instead use the placeholder name “Washington Football Team” as stated above. The uniforms will look very similar with the logo on the helmet being the biggest subtraction from the fit, which will instead be replaced by the players number on each helmet. The new name for the 2021 season is still unknown but I would expect the team to release the name and details before the end of the year. As for now the Washington fans will be cheering for the Dwayne Haskins and Chase Young led “Washington Football Team”. 

(Picture Credit: Bleeding Green Nation)

Notes From MLB Opening Day 

As I’m writing the Dodgers are currently up 6-1 on the Giants in the 8th inning so Opening Day is just about over, but it’s been an interesting Opening Day nonetheless. Gerrit Cole threw a complete game one hitter for the Yankees, but the catch was that the game only lasted 5 innings, as it was called off early due to rain. Despite the shortened bout, there was still a lot of action including a plethora of strikeouts from Max Scherzer, a moon shot two run bomb to open the scoring provided by Giancarlo Stanton, and the awkwardness of the MLB’s first game without fans this season. The Yankees ended up winning the game 4-1, and they definitely seemed to be in control the entire game. But leave it to 2020 for the first game of the season to be shortened because of rain!

As for the other game between the Dodgers and Giants, it was competitive until the bottom of the 7th inning, when the Dodgers blew the game open with 5 runs behind some clutch hits and heads up baserunning. The game is just about over but it’s looking like the Dodgers will take the win in Mookie Betts Dodgers debut, where he has recorded one hit so far. The two best teams in baseball won their openers pretty handily, but the challenge will be continuing the competitive play for the next two months. 

(Picture Credit: Draft Kings and LA Times)

New MLB Playoff Format 

Today the MLB owners and MLBPA agreed on a deal that will expand the pool in this year's playoffs from 10 teams, to 16 teams. This is only a one year deal so it will be interesting how the new format plays out. Each division will have the top two teams advance to the round of 16 and the next two teams in each league with the best record will be the final two teams to move into the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs will consist of 8, best of 3 game series which will all be played at the home stadium of the team with the better record. From there on out it will be a regular playoff format with the division series out of 5 games, championship series out of 7, and World Series also out of 7. This will open up some additional opportunities for some less talented teams who get off to hot starts, as more then half the league will now be qualifying for the postseason. 2020 has already been crazy enough, so I say why not to the expanded playoffs. If it works out we’ll see an Orioles vs Marlins World Series, which would be the best thing eve. 

(Picture Credit: aNb Media, Inc)

Where Will the Blue Jays Play? 

The Blue Jays open their season on Friday against the Rays in Tampa, but they are still unaware where they will be playing their home games this year. This week, the team tried to negotiate with the city of Pittsburgh to play at PNC Park this year, but it was rejected. Right now the two main options for the team seem to be either Camden Yards, where their rivals the Baltimore Orioles play, or at Dunkin Donuts park in Hartford, CT, where the Hartford Yard Goats play (Colorado Rockies Double-A team). Time is slowly winding down as there’s only 6 days until their scheduled home opener on July 29th, so stay tuned.

(Picture Credit: Sports Logo History) 

- Andrew Gardner, UNH '23 

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