Adidas Takes Over 4/20 By David Migliaccio


Images: solecollector

In America, the Fourth of July is a holiday where we come together and celebrate our freedom, and the red, white and blue. But for a smaller group of Americans, a holiday is approaching that they cherish deeply and look forward to all year. Except instead of celebrating the colors of the flag, they represent the color green.

With 4/20 being a special holiday for people all around the country, this means something big for us sneakerheads; new shoes. While Nike has no doubt been wearing the ganja crown of sneakers dropping on 4/20 for years, putting out heat like 2010’s Skunk Dunk’s, 2011’s Cheech and Chong’s, and of course last years Purple Skunk’s, with only 420 pairs in existence, Adidas has announced an upcoming shoe coming late April 2021. And make no mistake, they’ve come to play.

Recent collaborations with Star Wars, James Bond, Lego, and Prada have given the brand a great look as of recent. Now in the near future, with South Park-inspired shoes, paying homage to a classic stoner character, Towlie is getting his own Adidas Originals; The Campus 80s “Towlie”.

The canvas is the silhouette of the Adidas Originals that seemed to have shaped all of our childhoods. But the best feature can be found on the tongue. With his little eyes peeking out above the laces, they are fully functioning to get stoned with the wearer. When put under ultraviolet light, his eyes look like they might need some Visine. When you mix a classic stoner show with an essential skate sneaker, you get heat like this.

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