All-Star Weekend Is What the Pro-Bowl Tries To Be

By John Brecko

Photo Credit: GQ

The 2021 All-Star Game is what the Pro Bowl weekend tries to be. The All-Star Game in the NBA has contests that the fans actually look forward to instead of lackluster contests that no one cares about.

We always look forward to the dunk contest each year, even if this year’s contests was underwhelming. We always look forward to the three-point contest because we get to see a player (usually Steph Curry) score an amount of points that you didn’t believe was possible beforehand.

Fun fact: Steph Curry became the first player in NBA history to score 30 points or more in the three-point contest this year. He did this in the first round.

If you’re an older fan, you looked forward to Larry Bird asking the competition, “Who’s shooting for second?” before he won (Larry Bird won the three-point contest three straight years while playing for the Boston Celtics).

We look forward to the dunk contest because Vince Carter had an amazing dunk every time he stepped to the rim in 2000. We looked forward to watching Michael Jordan jump from the foul line to dunk. We look forward to the spectacle of event during the All-Star weekend.

Even the MLB (a league that has struggled to pull in younger viewers), has the homerun contest, where we get to see how far the sluggers of each team can hit the ball. That’s fun to watch.

If there is anything the NFL can do to try to pull in viewers during the weekend of the Pro-Bowl, see which quarterback can throw the ball the farthest? See which receiver can make the best circus catch (have them try to catch the ball one handed to start)? See who can complete an obstacle course the fastest?

In the NBA, you could still have players take part in games, such as H-O-R-S-E (you would watch that; don’t lie). The NFL does have dodgeball and as I said in that previous article I wrote, that’s a good idea, but the NFL needs more good ideas to keep drawing fans in because of the lack of effort and/or care for it we have seen over the years from players and the league as a whole.

I shared my opinion about the Pro-Bowl in a previous article. My opinion on the Pro-Bowl…no one cares. NBA fans care about the All-Star Weekend, even if they don’t always care about the game itself.

To be fair, there wasn’t much of a reason to care about this year’s All-Star Game with Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant out of the game. The Western Conference ran through the Eastern Conference, outscoring them by 20 points. Somehow, both teams still scored a combined 320 points for the entire game.

The only thing that happened that is worth noting is that both Steph Curry and Damian Lillard made half-court shots during the game.

Again, there is always something to look forward to during the NBA All-Star Weekend. The three-point contest this year made sure that 2021 was no exception.

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