BREAKING: MLB and MLBPA Closing on Deal for 2020 Season

I was nearly half way done with the blog explaining why Rob Manfred was an incompetent commissioner and why we could expect a canceled 2020 MLB season, when Jon Heyman finally broke the news we’ve all been waiting for. (Picture Credit: Jon Heyman via Twitter)

The MLB has been in the spotlight this past week for it’s indecisiveness to put together a plan for the 2020 season, but it now looks like we might be getting baseball this summer after all! This is very exciting news and although the details are sparse, it’s finally something official that’s come out about the MLB and their return to play. The key here is the prorated salaries that the players have been unwilling to budge on, and it looks as if Manfred and the owners finally came around to the idea of paying the players proportionally for how ever many games are played during this season. It's unsure how many games will be played this year and where they will be played but it looks as if there will at least be some sort of product out on the field to watch.

Expanded playoffs are also going to be very interesting to see, but they almost seem essential if the season is only around 60-80 games. Stay tuned for more updates here on Wildchat Sports! Baseball is back and I’m here for it!

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