Breaking News: Toronto Blue Jays Banned from Playing in Toronto for the 2020 Season

The lone Canadian baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays have just been notified that they will not be allowed to play the 2020 season in Toronto because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes as a surprise as the Mayor of Toronto and Premier of Ontario had already approved the team’s decision to travel outside of the country to carry out their 2020 schedule, but the Federal Government had different ideas as they banned the team from playing in Canada this year. 

The team will now have to look for a new place to play, just 6 days before their first game, which will be very interesting. The top two options for the team right now seem to either be Buffalo, New York, where their AAA team plays, or in Dunedin, Florida, where the team holds Spring Training every year. Either would be good options for the team, as both locations are on the east coast and would provide Blue Jays players with decent facilities that they’re familiar with. 

(Picture Credit: Global News)

The Blue Jays organization has been taking the pandemic very seriously, and it was rumored that if any players were seen outside of the Rogers Center during summer camp, they would be fined upwards of $750,000 and could possibly face jail time. 

This is breaking news and this is a very fluid situation so stay tuned to Wildchat Sports for future updates about where the Blue Jays will be playing this year. 

- Andrew Gardner, UNH '23 

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