Brodie Lee Dead at 41 - By John Brecko

Image: Via Talk sport

I’m writing this article with a heavy heart.

In a year like no other due to a worldwide pandemic, pro-wrestling has just suffered a huge loss as of yesterday.

A man named Jon Huber, better known to wrestling fans as Brodie Lee in AEW and has Luke Harper in WWE passed away yesterday at the age of 41.

He passed away due to a non-covid related lung issue.

Huber’s last match was on October 7th before he took a leave of absence from pro-wrestling due to a non-disclosed medical issue.

Unfortunately, he would never make it back to the ring.

Many wrestlers along with his family spoke about how they were heartbroken over the loss of Huber. Almost all of them on social media spoke about how he had an amazing amount as a wrestler and a storyteller.

Even more importantly, almost everyone who spoke about him on social media made sure to let the world know that as good as he was at his job, he was an even better human being.

Huber’s wife, Amanda said in a statement that her heart is broken. “He was my best friend, my husband and the greatest father you would ever meet. The world saw him as the amazing Brodie Lee, but he was my best friend, my husband and the greatest father you would ever meet.”

Amanda also said that AEW has been helping her and her family through this difficult time. All Elite Wrestling issued a statement about the loss of Huber as well.

“The All Elite Wrestling family is heartbroken. In an industry filled with good people, Jon Huber was exceptionally respected and beloved in every way. He was a fierce and captivating talent, a thoughtful mentor and simply a very kind soul that starkly contradicted his person as Mr. Brodie Lee.”

AEW Wrestler Matt Hardy talked about how he was “full of life with a wife and children that he loved”.

AEW Wrestler Cody, who shared the ring with Huber in his last match on October 7th said that “Upon anyone’s first meeting with was apparent that he was a family man and a first class human being”.

Even WWE Wrestler and Executive Triple H spoke about Huber and said he was an “Amazing talent...better human being, husband and father”.

As someone who watched Brodie Lee in the ring, I knew how talented he was.

As a fan, you dream of being able to meet all the talented people you see on TV and you never forget the joy they bring whenever you hear their entrance music play.

Thank you Jon Huber, for everything you have done for the wrestlers you have worked with, the fans you have made happy by just allowing them to see you and clearly being an even better family fan.

Rest easy Jon Huber. You will be missed. You may gone, but you will never be forgotten. Hope we can meet on the other side

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