Chase Stokes Is a UFC Fan?


Image via Pop Buzz

Chase Stokes & Madelyn Cline recently participated in an interview with Vanity Fair where they were each strapped to a lie detector. Arguably two of the biggest stars today, have been constantly talked about since the release of season 2 of the Netflix hit series, Outer Banks. But what's true and what isn't? One of the questions Madelyn asked was if Chase was a UFC fan and if he'd consider getting in the octagon. Despite him being a UFC fanatic, he explained there is no chance he would consider the opportunity as he admitted he would get his "ass kicked". After his response, Madelyn seemed to hint a comparison that John B. is similar to Bryce Hall in fighting space. For those who don't remember Bryce got KO'd by Austin McBroom within the first couple rounds of the fight. Safe to say Chase has no interest in stepping in the octagon anytime soon, but will continue to advocate for the sport from his television. Maybe in near future we could see a UFC x Netflix collaboration that includes the OBX cast members. Dana White, what are your thoughts?

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