Clay’s Plays 3/8 by Clay Horowitz


We’re back for week 2 of Clay’s Plays. We ended last week with an exciting win! Golden Knights were the last leg of Fridays parlay and came way too close to blowing the game after allowing a game-tying goal in the final two minutes, which sent the game to overtime. Regardless, Vegas came away with the win, and hit our second parlay of the week. Let’s do it again this week, but even better this tie. Not a great sheet of games today to choose from… but here’s todays picks. Overall Record: 19-8



Northern Kentucky ML (-130) [Straight 2u]

Avalanche ML (-183)

Canadiens ML (-152) [Straight 2u]

Blues ML (-165)

Tiafoe ML (-165) [Straight 1u]



If I am being honest with you, I do not know too much about Northern Kentucky, and why they should win this game. However, a source that I trust very much told me they were a lock in this game. In fact, I was even told to take the spread at -2 while it was there, because they predict it will be -6 by game time. I wanted to play it safe with the money line, but let’s ride this game.

Avalanche are coming off a tough loss, but are 7-1 in games after a loss this season. They are playing very good, and should handle one of the worst teams in the West Division easily in this game.

Canadiens are 4-1 against the Canucks this year. They are also 11-1 in road games this season. Those two factors together givesme great confidence that the Canadiens come out of this game with a win.

The Sharks have lost 3 straight games, as well as 5 of their last 6. The Blues are 10-2-1 in away games this season and are playing great right now. Against a poor Sharks team, the Blues will win this game.

Tiafoe had been playing great up until his shocking loss to Munar last week, which my riders are well aware of as it lost a parlay. However I feel good that Tiafoe recovers from that loss, and handles Jarry with ease in the first round of the Chile Open.

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