Clay's Plays 3/31

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Well I have some unfortunate news. i thought I was about to be celebrating the parlay hit last night with you all, but as I went to post this blog I just realized I never made my last parlay visible to the public... It is there now to check out what the winning parlay, but that really sucks that it wasn't visible for y'all to ride the picks and win with me. It was made two days ago and went into yesterday because I had UCLA covering in there as well. With a +9 push from Arkansas, it didn't win too much, but $50 is $50. The cold streak is over and we are back to the winning ways, lets do it again today. Overall Record: 66-37-1


Trail Blazers ML (-290)

Nets -12 (-150)

Knicks ML (-160)

Raptors ML (-335)

Bucks ML (-380)

Suns ML (-285)


Trail Blazers have a healthy squad here in this away game against the Pistons. When the Blazers have Lilliard and McCollum they can beat any team on any given night. So those two against a Pistons team with zero notable players makes me very confident that they win this game.

Nets go up against arguably the worst team in the league in the Rockets tonight. Not only is this the most talented team against the least talented team, but the most talented player on the most talented team, James Harden, is going up against his old team and is going to be all gas no breaks the whole game. I expect a massive blowout here.

Knicks are above .500 and are the 5-seed in the east. That is not a sentence that has been said this late into the season since I can remember. They’ve gotten to this point by winning the games they are supposed to win, as well as some they probably shouldn’t have on paper. A matchup against the Timberwolves is a game that they are supposed to win, so I feel good taking the Knicks here.

Raptors have struggled with injuries throughout the season but finally have their key players back. They are not a good team by all means, but they should take this game against the Thunder no problem.

Bucks vs Lakers should be a huge matchup, LeBron vs Giannis, however LeBron and AD are obviously out. That makes this a much less interesting game, and the Bucks should take advantage of the Lakers injuries and win the game comfortably.

Suns have been one of the best teams in the league ever since the bubble started last year, and they have not slowed down since. They are home tonight against the Bulls, who may be missing their two best players Zach Lavine and Coby White. Even with those two playing I would feel comfortable taking the Suns, but if they are out there is zero chance the Suns lose this game.

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