Featured Team of the Week: San Antonio Spurs, The End of a Dynasty

Dynasty. Truly one of the sacredest terms in all of sports.They’re extremely rare to come by, and a fan of a team must relish the greatness of the team when it happens, because it may be a once in a lifetime experience. But, for many young fans in the city of San Antonio, Texas, greatness is what they’ve grown up with, and for many is all they know. 

For 22 straight years the Spurs have been one of the most consistent and dominant teams in the NBA, not missing the playoffs once during that time. Along with a playoff appearance every year since 1997, the team has also managed to win five NBA titles, along with another Western Conference Championship. Most of their success has ridden on the backs of their core three players who stuck with the team for the majority of the run, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili. Duncan is now a hall of famer and it is almost certain that Parker and Ginobili will join him sooner rather than later. (Picture Credit: Bleacher Report) 

There are so many impressive things that the Spurs have done over the past two decades, that needed to go right for their run of greatness to continue. Primarily, the team needed to keep a solid core of players who were versatile to play with anybody else brought onto the roster, which the organization did a great job of doing. They have also done a great job of developing players, which NBA superstar Kawhi Lenoard is an obvious product of. Going back to Duncan, he is arguably a top 10-15 player in the history of the NBA, and his greatness will be remembered for generations and was such a great player for the Spurs who could always be relied on. The team also needed a head coach who was tough on his players, while also creating a relationship based on trust and winning attitude, which the team thoroughly excelled in doing as Gregg Popovich has held the helm of the team afloat since his first season in 1996. All these attributes combined together contributed to the Spurs success for such a long period of time, but It looks as if that period may finally be coming to a close. (Picture Credit: Sky Sports)

The Western Conference has been the better of the two conferences in the NBA for a few years now and the Spurs are starting to fade into the bottom of the pack after making the playoffs for 22 straight seasons, which ties any NBA record with the 1950-1971 Syracuse Nationals/Philadelphia 76ers. The Spurs are projected going to miss the record this season by just a few games as it’s all but confirmed that they’ll miss the playoffs this year after the NBA released their return to play plan for the Coronavirus outbreak. San Antonio currently sits 12th in the Western Conference four games out of the eight seed, and will be invited as one of the 22 teams to compete in the eight regular season games in Orlando. The Spurs would need an absolute miracle to make the playoffs, but the news of star center LaMarcus Aldridge missing the remainder of the season due to shoulder surgery all but confirms they’re throwing in the towel and looking ahead to next season. (Picture Credit: Forbes.com) 

The Spurs have an interesting roster right now with a few good players, who include Patty Mills, Demar Derozan, LaMarcus Aldridge, along with others. These guys are really solid, but I think that the Spurs are at a point where they may want to look at trading them for picks so they can engage in a full rebuild. Popovich is nearing the end of his coaching career and I think once he decides to call it quits, the team will look to fully reload and rebuild for another run. What the Spurs have done over my lifetime is remarkable and beyond impressive, and they are now known as the model organization for consistency. But as we know, all good things must come to an end and it looks as if the Spurs dynasty is now officially over, all but tucked away in the history books.

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