Game 2 Fits By David Migliaccio

Images: @nbafashionfits

In the second game of the NBA Finals last night, we saw Chris Paul continue to cement his legacy in the NBA. As he approaches closer to finally having that ring he has always dreamed of no doubt, he displayed to us why he has been so deserving all this time. But he was not the only one displaying something. Between players and spectators, many athletes and spectators turned heads with the shoes that were being worn, and the clothing that was being matched with them.

One person who I don’t think any of us were surprised to see flexing a piece of his collection, was Buck’s power forward PJ Tucker. Walking through the tunnel, he stepped into the arena in the legendary Back to the Future Air Mag’s.

Odell Beckham Jr. of the Cleveland Browns was in attendance at the floor seats of this game, and his outfit definitely made it distracting for some players to be on their A game. While he is known for wearing clothing that stands out to say the least, he showed us last night just what he was capable of. His pants looked like they had patches from millions of different pillows and quilts, while his feet were covered in the Nike Dunk Low Spiral Sage kicks, which dropped back in November 2020. For me, I think this is a little bit much, but more power to the man.

Images: @nbafashionfits

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