Getting to Know Cardi B By Mohamed Ali

The third edition of Wildchat Sports Rap and Hip Hop we present Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar formally known as Cardi B. She is a young Domican female music artist from the Bronx in New York.The name Cardi B had come from the alcoholic beverages called Bacardi everyone would originally call her Bacardi but then eventually it got shortened to Cardi then the B was just added.That in her childhood she was apart of the bloods street gang in New York.She has stated many times about her former carrier as a stripper and how it was a good carrier for herself and that her being a stripper kind of saved her in some sort of way from doing some crazy stuff while she was in the bloods.Then later on in her life she pivoted from being a stripper to becoming a musician.This artist does Rap and Hip  Hop who is famously known for dropping songs like WAP and Bodak Yellow. 

Cardi B performing at half time show, credit:

Which for a lot of her fans when she dropped those two songs they could relate to it a lot and it became a summer vibe for them. The artist Cardi B is married to Offset a member of the Migos and have four kids together but have had an on and off relationship together. She isn't afraid to tell people to shut F@#K up about how people think she is in an abusive relationship with her husband Offset.  I personally admire that personality trait of her’s that she can stand up, tell people what she thinks and not bottle it up . There have been many people on her social media claiming to be Psychologists and saying things such as “ that Offset is emotionally abusing her and manipulating her”. Then Cardi B quickly comes to defend Offset by stating that they split in the past because sometimes  she says she can be crazy and also be dysfunctional at times. She also has said that her and Offset  have a unique relationship they might be fighting one week and the next be back together. In 2018 she won the BET award for top female Rap artist. Then the next following year in 2019 her album Invasion Of Privacy won her a Grammy for best Rap album of the year. That in my eyes is a huge accomplishment knowing you beat every other female artist that year and I  also think that showed  all her haters that she belonged on the billboards. That in my opinion after winning those two prestigious awards it solidified her spot as a top female Rap and Hip Hop artist.That me and everyone at Wildchat Sports will be looking to see what the end of 2020 has in stock for Cardi B.

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