How Julia Rose Channeled Her Fame In Sports Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Image Via NY Post
It's almost been a year since I had the privilege of interviewing Julia Rose. Many may know her for her expressive Instagram posts or for her infamous stunt in the World Series a few years back. But what people don't know, is she has quietly created a multi-million dollar empire. 
In the interview conducted, Julia described the early challenges she faced when moving to LA. When she moved away from Texas, she was picking up shifts at Hooters restaurant while simultaneously finding ways to grow her personal brand. She described the difficulty of paying off rent in her early 20's and the sacrifices she had to make. She was then later casted on the MTV reality show, "Are You The One?".  After the season ended, she leveraged that attention into the social media space and became a voice for the female audience. She explained her frustration towards the double standard existent and wanted to promote body positivity and exuberate confidence for all women. After growing a large enough audience (primarily on IG at the time) she documented her and her friends flashing all-star pitcher Gerrit Cole at GM5 of the World Series. The stunt went viral and she immediately was talked about in what seemed to be every publication the next day. However, she mentioned her actions were more purposeful than perceived as her end goal was to promote both her business and drive awareness for breast cancer awareness.
Regardless, from a business perspective, this was a pretty clever move. For those who don't know, Julia is the Founder & CEO of SHAGMAG which is an uncensored digital magazine. But how the company differentiates themselves is Julia ensures the magazine is entirely run by women and the models featured do what they feel most comfortable with. In our interview awhile back, she noticed how Playboy and other magazines were controlled by men and how intimidating it can be for young models entering the entertainment industry. With SHAGMAG, she believed it was more appropriate for females to have that kind of creative control and decision making. However, she continues to position the magazine from a males perspective. What do men love more than anything else? Sports & Girls. So, the world series stunt was more than just clever marketing, it was also extremely well fitting for her brand. According to sidomex entertainment, the company generates more than $125,000 in revenue per month. Just another reason why controversial actions create the most effective use of word of mouth marketing. Safe to say Julia isn't just a regular model/influencer, she might just be one of the more successful entrepreneurs in all of social media and could even take Playboy out of business.

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