J. Cole Is Going Pro and Trailblazing For Other Musicians

Via E! Online


It's official, the American rap star J. Cole is now a professional basketball player. He is signing with Rwanda Patriots BBC in hopes of playing in the 12-man league.  The rapper was actually a high school standout and eventually walked on St.Johns collegiate basketball team. However, he was already committed to his music career by the time he was to play a Division I game.

The phenom has clearly been affiliated with the sport for quite some time now as he stated previously of his interest of going pro. He's been seen practicing with other NBA players in offseason as well as with Chris Brickley, who is a highly respective trainer. Some of his highlights have been posted on ESPN, Overtime and other large accounts as the artist has serious game.

Over the past couple months, we've seen more musicians participate in pick up games but have yet to see a rap star transition into the professional level. TCL, Tiktok and Legends have all hosted recreational games for some of the biggest names. However J Cole could potentially be the "Jake Paul" of basketball and influence other celebrities/rappers to get into the space. Expanding in this area could only promote his brand/music even further more, especially playing overseas. On top of that, the team will likely get more press and likeness from fans. If he is successful with this transition, qualifications of playing basketball at a larger level could change forever.


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