Jake's New Chain By David Migliaccio

Image via Overtime


If you’re alive, and in touch with anything in the news recently, you are familiar with Jake Paul. Love him or hate him (and if you’re over the age of 12, you probably hate him), one thing that you cannot take away from him is his constant hustle to keep himself in the news. His latest million-dollar scheme, is a very public, one sided feud with UFC legend, Conor McGregor.

While the UFC event over the past weekend may have officially put McGregor into the category of “washed up”, that could mean that we are getting closer to seeing him knock out Jake Paul, and that’s a fire the problem child does not seem afraid to fuel. During the fight he debuted his new chain, which pictures Conor knocked out, allegedly costing Jake Paul 100 thousand dollars. While I view this as a massive waste of money, I really hope to see this fight go down if there is any chance.

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