Kobe's Sneaker Legacy By David Migliaccio


Photo: Nike News

Well, I officially feel like an old man. After scrolling through my Instagram this morning, I came across a post remembering Kobe Bryant’s last game, five years ago today. Although it has now been over a year since the tragic death of the NBA legend, that wound still feels fresh somedays. And today is one of those days.

So to cope with the pain we are probably all going to feel today, I started reminiscing on some old Kobe sneakers. And now, here is a list of the top 5 Kobe sneakers, at least in my humble opinion.

5, Kobe 11 “Fade to Black”- These sneakers are a classic silhouette, and all black goes hard. Complimented with the golden swoosh, I can share from experience these shoes are not only good for the court but can even double as dress shoes in the right occasion.

4, Kobe 10 “Independence Day”- While I have a soft spot for these shoes, because I remember once unwrapping them on my 15th birthday, these shoes are nearly perfect. If you’re somebody who likes to represent the American flag, these are beautifully wrapped an insane flag collage.

3, Kobe 5 “Big Stage (Home)”- As you can tell by now, I am a fan of the golden swoosh. And with these shoes keeping it as icy as possible, these shoes will forever be in the thousands range for resale.

2, Kobe 7 “Galaxy”- When we saw these at the All Star Game, many of us fell in love at first sight. With a more trippy design than what we traditionally saw on Mamba’s feet, it reminds us of his creativity as a player, and flexes his swag in a big moment.

1, Kobe 1 “Premium Goods x Nike Zoom”- These are classic. As maybe not everybody would stunt them, the way that Kobe Bryant wore these was incredible, and the blue and white colorway is something that will forever be the coldest. 

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