Nate Webb Is Quietly Becoming A Sports Fanatic

(via Nathan Webb IG)
Two weeks ago we chatted with THTH and social media icon, Nathan Webb. He discussed his long road into the spotlight and how he stays crowded despite being in the center of attention.  Nate admitted he's extremely close with fellow cast members of the Netflix hit series, Too Hot To Handle. He enjoys partying, hanging out with fellow crew, working out and more. But what people don't know, is Nate is heavily focused on his daily regimen which includes going to the gym and staying fit. Although he mentioned his schedule tends to get in the way of his routine at times, it's clear he's grown an appreciation for athletics. When asked about his thoughts about influencers diving into the boxing industry, he felt confident in his ability to step in the ring and "do more damage". His previous experience in hardcore training would definitely give him the advantage in fights. When asked if he would fight Jake Paul, he wasn't opposed to it. In fact he was more confident in fighting Jake than fitness guru, Bradley Martyn. Outside of boxing, Nate enjoys watching football as well. Since residing in Texas, he's become a Houston Texans fan but has been disappointed in the team since trading away star wideout, Deandre Hopkins. He couldn't believe that HC Bill O'Brien would even consider such a move. However he remains loyal to organization and is excited for upcoming season. When asked if he plays fantasy football, he said he hasn't had the time but he used to be very active. When asked about a potential THTH fantasy football league he was all for it. Lastly, Webb loves repping basketball jersey's in tiktok videos and on IG. When asked about his favorite player, he said Luka Doncic, saying the guy is “incredible”. Webb has had a very successful year and the best is yet to come whether he decides to continue to express interest in sports or not... keep killin it Nate!

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