NHL Jersey Rankings Part 1: 31-21

It’s Thursday which means that it’s time for a new rankings blog! Now that I’m finished with the QB rankings I wanted to do a quicker, lighter series that would be fun to write about and require a little less research then the previous series. With that being said with the next three rankings blogs I’ll be rating my least favorite to favorite home NHL jerseys. This was a very difficult list to make because I think a lot of teams in the league have really clean jerseys and I think that there will be a lot of differing opinions when reading this. Of course, this is completely different from the QB rankings as that was mostly factual based, whereas this is more of my opinion. With that being said I hope you enjoy the list and I would love to hear what some of your opinions are and how they differ from mine! (Picture Credit: Addidas)

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets 

To be fair there’s not a jersey in the NHL that I truly dislike but If I had a least favorite it would definitely be the Blue Jackets. I’ve never really liked their logo and I think that the jerseys would look a lot better with some stripes on the bottom of them which is one thing I really like on jerseys. The red and white outline across the border of them also doesn’t do it for me, and makes it look like a minor league jersey. I personally think that the team needs a whole new re-brand with their alternate cannon logo and jerseys which look great with the cream and baby blue. Really just not my favorite jerseys especially with how much better their alternates are. (Picture Credit: Hockeyjerseyoutlet.com)

  1. Washington Capitals 

The Capitals are another team that would really benefit from some new jerseys and updated home jerseys with white and blue stripes on the bottom. To be fair I think these jerseys look better on the ice then they do in concept art but they’re still one of my least favorite threads in the league. I liked what the Capitals were doing a few years back going with their winter classic design as an alternate home jersey and I’m disappointed that they still don’t use those. Overall not a jersey that I really love but I think the team could do something really cool if they updated them. (Picture Credit: Hockeyjerseyoutlet.com)

  1. Nashville Predators 

The Predators are a team who’s jerseys I really started to dislike after the 2017 Adidas rebrand. Nashville went from having one of the better jerseys in the league to having one of the worst. The problem for me with these jerseys is how they’ve been dulled down and aren’t as exciting as they used to be. The team took a lot of the flashy lines out of the middle of the jersey and they look really plain to me compared to the old ones. Yellow is such a unique color, especially in the NHL and I just wish the design had been executed a little bit better so they looked cooler on the ice. (Picture Credit: Hockeyjerseyoutlet.com)

  1. Detroit Red Wings 

Just cause it’s a classic doesn’t always make it great. The Red Wings are a perfect example of this, an original six team who has stuck with the same jersey concept for decades, could definitely use a few upgrades. I don’t necessarily think the jerseys are bad, but they’re just kind of boring especially when you look at some of the great designs some other teams in the league have produced. I’ve never been a big fan of their logo and although their red home uniforms rank pretty low, they’re 1000% better than their away whites. I don’t see a change in the future for the team's threads so I unfortunately think they’ll stay like this for a while. (Picture Credit: Amazon)

  1. Ottawa Senators 

I think that the Senators have one of the cooler logos in the league, but I don’t think that it translates into a great jersey for the team. The multi-colored and uneven sleeve looks goofy in my opinion and the front of the jersey is very plain and doesn't do much for me.Their organization has strong alternate jerseys with the red, cream, and black stripes down the middle and I really do prefer those to their current threads. When I think of a senator, I think of something fierce and menacing and I don’t really get that vibe with their current jerseys. (Picture Credit: Prohockeylife.com)

  1. Colorado Avalanche 

The Avalanche are another team who I think would benefit from switching to their alternate jerseys full time. I don’t hate the team's purple, silver, and teal color scheme and I think that if executed correctly, it could be one of the best looks in the league. The problem for me is the logo along with the colors and I just can’t really say that they are one of my favorites. The alternate jerseys are some of the cleanest in the league and I really like the mountain with the C on the jersey for Colorado compared to A on their current jerseys for Avalanche. (Picture Credit: Addidas)

  1. San Jose Sharks 

Here’s another jersey where I feel like people either love or hate their jersey. For me I’m on the side that has never really liked the colors and logo for the team. I get what they were going for with the ocean aesthetic but I think that all teal jerseys are not the best looking for a professional hockey team.If they incorporated more black and silver into the jerseys with the teal in smaller parts of the uniform, then it could definitely improve the look.  (Picture Credit: Prohockeylife.com)

  1. New York Islanders 

The Islanders are one of the first teams on this list who have jerseys that I actually really like. The orange, blue, and white all combine for a great pallet of colors but there’s something missing from this jersey that I can’t put my finger on which is why it ranks lower on this list. I’m not sure if it’s because they have a more traditional look, or average logo, but the wow factor isn’t completely there for me with these. They are some of the bolder threads in the league in my opinion but they still rank in the bottom half for me. (Picture Credit: Hockeyjerseyoutlet.com)

  1. Anaheim Ducks 

Please bring back the old purple Mighty Ducks jerseys! Their current jerseys aren’t terrible and I really do like the orange and black combo. The thing that kills it for me is the cream color logo on the jersey and the cream stripes on the side of the jersey, which I honestly think hurts the jersey in more ways than it helps. It pains me that they got rid of the Mighty Ducks retro jerseys as those were so unique and really stood out. I’m happy they sometimes wear them for alternates but I hope for a whole rebrand back to purple, white, and teal, which would be awesome. (Picture Credit: Anaheimteamstore.com)

  1. Los Angeles Kings 

I really do think that the black, silver, and white is a very sleek look however, I think that the look can only go so far. I really wish that the Kings had stuck with purple in their color scheme and I’m disappointed that they’ve begun to faze it out over the last few years. The old yellow and purple jerseys from the 1970s were fire and I need the team to bring those back ASAP. Overall I think they’re clean jerseys especially for an LA team, but they could use some improvement. (Picture Credit: Teamlastore.com)

  1. Arizona Coyotes 

I think that the Coyotes jerseys are really nice but maroon just isn’t my favorite color on a uniform. I especially like the white patches on the sleeves and the logo is one of the nicest in the league, but there are still a lot of jerseys I like better than Arizona’s. I will say that I think this is one of the few jerseys that works well without stripes on the bottom of it. (Picture Credit: Addidas.com) 

Andrew Gardner UNH '23 

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