NHL Jersey Rankings Part 2: 20-11

This is part two of my NHL jersey ranking series, which will conclude on jersey. This list was very difficult to make but leave a comment on what you think of the placement of each time, or if you agree or disagree. (Picture Credit: NHL.com) 

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

I don’t dislike the Hurricanes jersey in many ways, but it pains me to know that they threw away the classic Whalers look for these jerseys. The black on their current jerseys really makes the entire uniform for me and I also like the little black spots on the red stripes on the bottom of the uniform. I like their alternates better than their home jerseys but there’s nothing I really hate about their current jerseys, they’re just average in opinion. (Picture Credit: Carolinaproshop.com)

  1. Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres are so close to having a top ten jersey in the league, all they need to do is switch their home jerseys from a navy blue base, to a royal blue base and they’ll be some of the nicest in the league. I like the logo a lot and I think that the jerseys are good but not outstanding. All they have to do is put a good product on the ice with new jerseys and they’ll be one of the best looking teams in the league. (After further research I discovered that the Sabres are in fact switching back to their royal blue jerseys for the 2020 season which is the 50th anniversary. An official uniform hasn’t been released yet but here is a concept of what it may look like). (Picture Credit: Amazon.com, twitter.com) 

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning 

The Lightning are a team that I really struggled with to find a spot for on this list. Their jerseys are very simplistic and I think that people either love that or hate it. For me I like it, but I think that there are a lot of other jerseys in the league that are a lot better. The lightning bolt is clean on the front of the jersey, but I wish that it said Tampa, underneath it to spruce it up a little bit. The blue and white are always a good look but I think that for Tampa’s case they’re a little plain for me to put them any higher up. (Picture Credit: Tampabaysports.com)

  1. Vancouver Canucks

Green is something that is only found on an NHL jersey (besides the logo) three times in the NHL, and I really think that green looks great on a jersey (hint for my number one). With that being said the Canucks green looks great especially on the sleeves and the stripe at the bottom of the jersey. I’m not completely sold on the green with the shade of blue that they’ve chosen in their logo but overall the green, white, and blue combo is a unique one that looks very solid on the ice. (Picture Credit: Prohockeylife.com)

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

One of the classiest threads in the league has to be the Blackhawks, with their flashy red, black, and white jersey. I really like the contrast with the green feathers on their logo compared to the other colors on their jersey. The white and black stripes on the bottom are an awesome look and this is such a classic jersey that still looks so clean. No complaints about the jersey but there are definitely ones that I like better. (Picture Credit: Wrigleyvillesports.com)

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins are the first team to crack the top half of the list, as they carry in some very nice black, mustard, and white jerseys. I really like how these jerseys are more closely related to the other Pittsburgh teams' jerseys (Pirates and Steelers) than they used to be. I’ve always loved the teams logo and I think that these are definitely one of the more eye catching uniforms in the league, but in a good way. (Picture Credit: Prohockeylife.com)

  1. New Jersey Devils 

No bias here, more personal favorite team the New Jersey Devils pull into the list at the 14 spot. The Devils have some very sleek home red uniforms that have improved in the last few years when they removed the ugly stripe from the bottom of the jerseys. The logo is a classic, and the jerseys are simple enough that they really look good. I’m also a fan of the red and green throwback alternates but I think the jerseys look more menacing with red and black rather than red and green. (Picture Credit: Shopnhl.com)

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

This one may get some backlash but I have the Montreal Canadiens at the number 13 spot on my list. The most successful franchise in NHL history also has one of the classiest, if not the most classic jersey in the entire NHL. I love these jerseys, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a wow factor that’s missing for me with them. I love the stripe in the middle of the jersey and I think it highlights the logo really well, and the red, white, and blue is such a sharp look for the team. For an older jersey design it's aged really well, but just because it’s a classic, doesn’t mean it’s my favorite. (Picture Credit: Prohockeylife.com)

  1. Florida Panthers 

The Panthers are another team who’s drastically improved their jerseys over the last few seasons. The organization fazed out the cartoon like Panther for a more professional and sleeker logo/color combo. The white stripe in the middle is one of my favorite features on any jersey in the league and I think that the white, red, and gold, work so well together especially with the spots of navy blue in the middle of the logo. The crest on the logo is awesome and these are definitely one the cleanest jerseys in the Eastern Conference. (Picture Credit: NHL.com)

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 

Everything about these jerseys screams classic, but in a good way. The Maple Leaf is one of the most unique, and cleanest logos in the league and the blue and white color scheme is iconic. They're basic, but not too basic and there’s not much to dislike about these threads. Personally they’re my second favorite jersey in the Atlantic Division.  (Picture Credit: Adidas.com)

- Andrew Gardner, UNH '23 

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