NHL Jersey Rankings Part 3: 10-1

Sorry for the delay, but here is the final part of my NHL jersey rankings. I’ll be starting a new ranking series on Thursday, so comment if you have any ideas on a topic you’d like to see next! Without further adieu here are the final 10 teams in the rankings. 

  1. Calgary Flames 

The Flames are a team where I have a really hard time distinguishing why I love their jersey, but they definitely have a top 10 uniform in my opinion. The shade of red/orange that they use as the primary color is a great look and the black ties everything together. I’m also a big fan of their logo and think that the logo boosts the jersey to where it is on this list. (Picture Credit: Addidas)

  1. Philadelphia Flyers

Non traditional jerseys really are some of my favorites and the Flyers definitely don’t have the most traditional of threads in the league. The orange is such a unique color but the Flyers really pull it off well. The black and orange is a great look and there’s not much to explain about the jersey, just that I really like it. I will say that the white nameplates on the back are a cool touch that can only be found on the Flyers jersey. (Picture Credit: Wellsfargocenter.com)

  1. Dallas Stars 

Dallas is an organization that has had some of the worst jerseys in the league for the majority of their time in the NHL, but their 2013 logo change switched my opinions on the team’s threads. I really like the shade of green that they have on their jersey and the logo is so simple, but it works well with the design. I can understand why some people may not like these threads as much as I do, but I think green, black, and white is a great look especially with the way they designed this jersey. (Picture Credit: Rallyhouse.com)

  1. New York Rangers

I’m definitely not a Rangers fan but I will admit that they have some of the best jerseys in the league. The red, white, and blue is such a classic look, but the diagonal lettering is really what makes it for me. I think it’s really unique how these are the only jerseys in the NHL without a logo on it and it still manages to look good despite not having one. The red and white stripes on the bottom are also a nice touch that I really like. (Picture Credit: Amazon.com)

  1. Boston Bruins 

There’s not much to say about the Bruins uniforms, I just really like them. The color pallet is one of the best in the league and the logo is basic, but clean. Everything works well on this jersey and there’s nothing overwhelming about it, despite the interesting choice to include yellow on the uniform. Definitely my favorites in the Eastern Conference. (Picture Credit: Bostonproshop.com)

  1. Edmonton Oilers

As I said before with the Flyers, when executed correctly, orange can be a really cool color on a jersey and the Oilers uniform kills this design. I love the blue patches on the shoulders of the jersey and I think it really complements the orange well. The logo is also one of my favorites in the NHL and the white on the jersey really pulls everything in for me. Two thumbs up from me. (Picture Credit: Hockeyjerseyoutlet.com)

  1. St. Louis Blues 

The reigning Stanley Cup champions enter the list at number four, as I  believe they have some of the coolest jerseys in the league. This is another jersey where I think the logo really carries the look, as St. Louis has one of the best logos in the league. The homage to old St. Louis where blues music originated in the logo is classic and it may not be obvious to the naked eye. With that being said the color scheme also looks great and there’s nothing I dislike about these jerseys. (Picture Credit: Thehockeyshop.com)

  1. Winnipeg Jets 

When the Jets moved from Atlanta in 2011, many expected the organization to switch back to their old Winnipeg uniforms. Instead they unveiled these threads which are some of my favorites in the entire NHL. The colors are great and I love the different shades of blue with the white, but the logo is what makes the jersey for me. The airplane over the Canadian maple leaf looks fantastic, and I also love the white and blue ring that outlines the logo. In all honesty it may be my favorite logo in the NHL and the jerseys are definitely one of my favorites as well. (Picture Credit: Hockeyjerseyoutlet.com)

  1. Vegas Golden Knights 

The newest NHL franchise revealed their jerseys in 2017, and they were immediately one of my favorites. There’s something about the black, gray, and gold that looks very menacing on a hockey jersey. The logo is also one of my favorites in the league, and it looks great in the middle of these threads. The red is also a nice touch that makes the whole jersey pop in my opinion. Awesome jerseys out of Vegas. (Picture Credit: Prohockeylife.com)

  1. Minnesota Wild 

The Wild have the best jerseys in the league in my opinion, and it's not much of a contest. That dark green looks amazing on a jersey and it’s complemented so well with the cream and red. The logo looks very menacing and I’m a huge fan of the tree line in it which really makes it standout. The creme stripe in the middle really makes the jersey and there’s nothing I dislike about the threads at all. The hockey capital of the US, really knows how to do a jersey well. (Picture Credit: Hockeylodge.com)

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