Phil Mickelson Considers Returning to Detroit If Petition Reaches 50,000 Signatures By Brooke Wallace

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Last week Phil Mickelson made an appearance at the third annual Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit, and he claimed he would not be returning to PGA events in the city. A reporter with The Detroit News released an article about him and his connection to a bookie who had ties with the mafia and cheated Mickelson out of $500,000 over twenty years ago. In response to the article he tweeted, “Usually when a neg piece is printed, I let it go, it’s gone in a day and I just don’t return. This week I called out Rob Snell for a 23 year old story he sat on for 3 years? A month? Because of his self-centered opportunism undermines many people in Det trying to help others.” He felt the article was opportunistic and it would not have been published if he hadn’t come to play in the Rocket Mortgage Classic, where the Birdies for Charity program gives non-profit organizations the opportunity to fundraise for local causes.

Fans were disappointed to hear the news that Mickelson was not planning on returning. A man from Michigan named Mike Sullivan took matters into his own hands by creating a petition for Mickelson to return and sending it to Mickelson himself. Mickelson now says if 50,000 people sign the petition for his return and promise to do one act of kindness for the community he will come back. He and his wife also donated $100,000 dollars to Detroit Children’s Foundation as his act of kindness.

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