Quarterback Rankings Part 6: The Finale, #32-1

Alright, here it is the finale of my quarterback ranking series. Today I’ll be including the entire list from number 32-1. This was a very difficult list to make but I’m confident that I did a good job, as I looked at a lot of stats and angles to put together a compelling list. As a reminder here’s the criteria I looked at when ranking these players.

 How they performed last season. There are many quarterbacks who have had great careers, but their recent sample size hasn't been great. Recent success is one of the biggest indicators for me and is something I greatly take into consideration.

  1. Team Success: Take Jameis Winston for example. He led the league in passing yards in 2019, but now finds himself as a backup quarterback because of his inconsistency and lack of team success. Winning is very important to me when it comes to a quarterback.
  2. Age doesn't matter. This isn't a ranking for quarterbacks who I would build my team around for the next five years, those rankings would be a whole lot different. This is a list for who I would want behind my center for 2020. Whether you're 45 or 20, if you're effective you'll place high on this list.
  3. Rookies at the bottom. Sure, many high quarterback draft picks have gone on to be stars in their first year of play. There are currently two rookies who will most likely be starters this year, but they find themselves at the bottom of this list because they've never played an NFL game. Give them a few games to prove themselves and this whole list will shift.
  1. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Not much to say about Tua here. He's a rookie quarterback who will have to earn the starting job for the Miami Dolphins from both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. A standout at Alabama, Tua came off the bench in the 2018 to lead the team to a National Championship and then followed that up by leading them back to the title game in 2019, where they lost to Clemson.  He was having another great 2020 until he was injured with a dislocated hip which caused him to miss the last few games of the season. He finished his collegiate career with 87 passing touchdowns, 9 rushing touchdowns, 11 interceptions and 7,442 passing yards in 32 games. There are still injury concerns with Tua but he has a lot of upside which Dolphins fans should be excited about.

  1. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

The 2019 Heisman winner, 2020 National Champion quarterback, and first overall pick in this year's NFL draft comes into the league with a more than impressive resume. He'll definitely be the opening game starter for the Bengals, after the team released longtime quarterback Andy Dalton this spring. Burrow had one of the most impressive seasons in college football history for LSU last year, finishing the year with 60 passing touchdowns, 5 rushing touchdowns, 6 interceptions, and 5,671 passing yards. I think that Burrow will be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL this season, but I just can't rank him over any of the other quarterbacks who have played in the NFL, even if it was only a few snaps. Burrow will surely be the quarterback of the future for the Bengals and could find himself as a top player in the league if he continues the type of play he started at LSU.

  1. Jarrett Stidham, New England Patriots

The heir to the throne. Jarrett Stidham. Certainly not the name that many people were expecting to replace the game's all-time best quarterback in Tom Brady, but here we are. It is obvious that the Patriots organization views Stidham very highly, as they passed up on other quarterbacks in free agency and the draft, showing their commitment to him. Not much is known about Stidham at the NFL level, as he's only attempted 4 passes in his career, one of which went for a pick 6. Stidham was the starting quarterback for Auburn in 2017 and 2018, completing 470 passes, throwing for 36 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, along with 5,952 passing yards. He ranks the lowest among quarterbacks who have appeared in an NFL game, solely because there is so much mystery behind his game. He was a good quarterback in college but he's going to need to step up his play if he wants to keep his job as a starter. A 4th round pick in 2019, Stidham has big shoes to fill, but the Patriots have been successful in the past with finding great quarterbacks in the later rounds. 

  1. Dwayne Haskins, Washington Redskins

The 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft struggled in his first year at the pro level. Haskins appeared in 9 games for the Redskins, starting just 7 of them and finishing with a record of 2-5. He threw 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in those 9 games, and only managed 1,365 passing yards in that time as well. Many felt that Haskins slipped in the 2019 draft as he was predicted to be the second quarterback selected, only behind Kyler Murray. The Redskins had a less then stellar supporting cast around Haskins, but I still need to see more out of him if he wants to stay a starter in this league. There is also the possibility of quarterback Alex Smith returning to the field this year for the team, after he suffered a gruesome leg injury back in 2018 and missed the entire 2019 season. Haskins will definitely start the year as the starter, but he will have to show improvement for the Redskins to stay as the QB1 on their depth chart.

  1. Drew Lock, Denver Broncos

It seems that the Broncos may have found their guy, after a carousel of quarterbacks passed through their organization after the retirement of Peyton Manning. Lock took over the starting job for the team in Week 13 and never looked back, finishing the season 4-1 in the 5 games he started. He threw for 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in those games and finished with 1,020 passing yards along with a 89.7 QBR. Overall, I really liked what I saw from Drew Lock last year, it was just a little too small of a sample size. Lock was also faced with a mediocre receiving core however, the Broncos went out and fixed that in the draft selecting Jerry Jeudy with the 17th pick and KJ Hamler with the 46th pick. A 4 year starter at Missouri, Lock has a lot of good collegiate experience that I think will help him make big strides this next year.

  1. Tyrod Taylor, Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers lost their long time starting quarterback, Phillip Rivers to free agency this spring and quickly turned to the draft to select quarterback Justin Herbert from the University of Oregon in the first round. It doesn't look like Herbert will be ready to be an everyday starter this year so the Chargers will turn to veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor to lead the team. Taylor, who was on the Chargers last year, but only attempted 6 passes, although he did complete one for a touchdown. He was the starting quarterback for the Bills from 2015-2017, and even made the Pro Bowl in 2015. He's a fairly average quarterback with legs who can be dependable for a team when needed. He brings in a career winning record, with a mark of 23-21-1 along with 54 passing touchdowns, and 9,562 passing yards. Taylor's not going to light the world on fire for LA but he will be a good mentor for Herbert, and will hopefully set the team on the right track. (Picture Source: Yahoo! Sports)

  1. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns 

Here’s one of the first players on the list that I feel could start some controversy. Mayfield, who was the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft and started 13 games for the Browns in his rookie year, going 6-7. Mayfield was very impressive in his rookie year showing Browns fans what a good young quarterback is supposed to do, however he struggled mightily in his sophomore season. This would be understandable except for the fact that the Browns offense was vastly improved with new additions such as Odell Becham Jr. and Kareem Hunt, and not to mention they already had players such as Jarvis Landry and Nick Chubb. Mayfield threw only 22 touchdowns in his 16 starts this season and almost matched that total with 21 interceptions as well. The Browns finished with a 6-10 record last year, but I think that Baker could make big strides this year, unfortunately he has yet to convince me that he is a legitimate franchise quarterback thus far.  

  1. Daniel Jones, New York Giants 

The new Giants quarterback finds himself sitting in the 25th spot on this list, barely edging out Baker Mayfield. Jones offensive ability was definitely seen at many different points during his rookie season, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. The big sore point for me was his record, only going 3-9 during his 12 starts. My argument for him being this high on the list consists of a few reasons. First off he was dealing with the pressure of taking over for arguably one of the franchises most successful players, in Eli Manning, while he was still on the roster. Secondly, the receiving core for the Giants this year was less than average and I think Jones did a good job working with what he had under the circumstances. Jones ended up finishing the season with 24 passing touchdowns, but did throw 12 interceptions and lose 15 fumbles. If Jones can improve his ball security it will go a long way to making the Giants a successful team, especially for the fact the NFC East is a primarily wide open division this year.  

  1. Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders 

The Raiders moved on from Oakland this off-season and will now call the city of Las Vegas their new home. With that being said one thing that hasn’t changed is their quarterback situation, as Derek Carr enters this season primed to be the Raiders starter for the 7th straight year. I’ve felt that Carr’s job has been on the hotseat the last few seasons and he does enter training camp with some competition, as former heisman winner Marcus Mariota will serve as the team's backup. Derek Carr has shown glimpses of being a really good quarterback, but his lack of consistency is what puts him so far down on this list. Carr was excellent in 2016, leading the Raiders to a 12-3 record before he was hurt in Week 16, resulting in a first round exit for the team in the playoffs. Carr hasn’t had a winning season besides 2016, and has a career record of 39-55, certainly not what you’re looking for over a 6 year span. Carr has been selected to 3 Pro Bowls, but he’s only thrown for more than 30 touchdowns once (2015) and has never appeared in a playoff game. This is a big year for Carr’s career if he wants to be known as the face of the Raiders franchise in Las Vegas.  

  1. Sam Darnold, New York Jets 

Ah yes Mr. Mono himself, Sam Darnold, quarterback of the other New York team, had a very average 2019 season in the 13 games that he started. Darnold finished the season with 3,024 passing yards, 19 passing touchdowns, and 2 rushing touchdowns. In the games that Darnold started, the team had a winning record finishing 7-6 and winning 6 of his last 8 starts. I think Darnold is a dependable quarterback who has an upward projection, but his offensive production hasn’t been as high as I would’ve wanted to see. I like the strides he made this year and think that he can put the Jets in a position to compete for the 2020 AFC East crown, if he can step up his leadership and game presence a little bit more.  

  1. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears 

A year ago Trubisky would have found himself a lot higher on this list compared to where I have him right now. Trubisky had a very shaky 2019 season, despite finishing it with an 8-7 record, in the 15 games he started. Trubisky only threw for 17 touchdowns the whole year and often looked like he lacked a lot of the confidence that the Bears needed. The Bears declined Trubisky’s fifth year option this off-season, showing their withering trust in the quarterback even after only 3 seasons. Trubisky did have a successful 2018 season, winning 11 games for the team and making the playoffs. If Trubisky has a good year the Bears can still sign him to an extension but I find that unlikely at this point, unless he lights the world on fire. I think that Trubisky can be a dependable quarterback, but he needs to prove himself again this year with a Bears team that is looking to compete once again.   

21. Gardner Minshew, Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jaguars rookie quarterback took over the starting position for the team in Week 1 after newly acquired play caller Nick Foles had to leave the game with an injury. Minshew ended the season appearing in 14 games, starting 12 of them with a 6-6 record. Minshew excelled at using what he had in Jacksonville, and despite having a weak receiving core, recorded 21 passing touchdowns and only threw 6 interceptions. Minshew finished the season with a better quarterback rating than Trubisky and Darnold, and was really good in the spots where he played. The Jaguars ended up dumping Foles, showing their commitment to Minshew this season, a season in which I expect Minshew to succeed and continue to improve.

  1. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals 

Murray, who was the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL had a successful rookie season with the Cardinals, finishing the season with 20 passing touchdowns, 4 rushing touchdowns, and 3,722 passing yards. Murray started all 16 games for the team, finishing the season with a record of 5-10-1. Murray looked like he really could control the Cardinals offense, which was very impressive as he was only a rookie. His fantasy value will be very high for this next season, as he excels at both running and throwing the ball, however I want to see him win a few more games for the team next year. The NFC West is arguably the most challenging division in football, however if he’s able to win a few more games and lead the Cardinals to the playoffs, he can be a top half quarterback in the league. 

  1. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

The Titans may have finally found the man for the job last season in Tannehill, who was a perfect match for head coach Matt Vrabel’s system. Tannehill took over the starting job from Marcus Mariota midseason and never looked back, finishing the season 7-3 in the 10 games he started and leading the team to the AFC Championship game. Tannehill looked like one of the best quarterbacks in the league at many times, completing the season with 22 passing touchdowns, 4 rushing touchdowns, and 2,742 passing yards. Tannehill has a career record right at .500 in 98 starts, which is one of the reasons he ranks a little lower on this list for me. It’s really intriguing to me to see if he was just a one year fluke with the Titans, or if he can keep it up because the Titans have put all their chips on him to be their future quarterback after he signed a 4-year $118 million contract with the team in the offseason. Tannehill has been a fairly average quarterback his whole career and I’ll be interested to see if he can continue his high level of play from last season. 

  1. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills 

My personal pick for the best quarterback in the AFC East pulls into the list at the 18 spot. Allen was the 7th overall pick in the 2018 draft, and has already shown that he was one of the best quarterbacks in that draft class. In 2 seasons with the Bills, Allen has started 27 games throwing 30 touchdowns, 5,163 passing yards and most impressively rushing for 17 touchdowns and 1,141 yards. He may be one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league, but still has a lot to prove he wants to be a top tier quarterback in the league. The Bills did end up making the playoffs last season with a 10-6 record, behind Josh Allen and a very strong defense. The Bills didn’t have a ton of great offensive weapons this past season and I thought that Allen did a good job working with what he had, but he needs one more good season to move himself up higher on this list. 

  1. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions  

The longtime starter for the Lions struggled with injuries in 2019, but has generally been a good starter for his career. Heading into his 12th NFL season, Stafford has made 149 starts for the Lions and has a career record of 69-79-1. Stafford is one of the best offensive producers in the league, but his ability to push the Lions over the top has yet to be seen during his entire career. I understand that the NFC North is a tough division and the Lions have sometimes had a very weak roster, but Stafford has not managed one playoff win in his 11 years as a starter. I recognize that he has had some very successful seasons, including one where he threw over 40 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards, but even with one of the best receivers by his side for the majority of his career (Calvin Johnson) he has not had any postseason success. This is a big factor for me when it comes to ranking these players and is one of the reasons why Stafford ranks a little bit lower on this lst. He’s always one of the most consistent fantasy quarterbacks, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a quarterback who I would want to lead my team. 

  1. Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina Panthers 

The top half of the list kicks off with the new Panthers quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater has spent the last 2 seasons as the Saints backup quarterback but has been impressive in the games that he has had the opportunity to start. In 2019 he started 5 games for the Saints, winning all 5 of them along with throwing 9 touchdowns and 1,384 yards. Bridgewater may be a little high on this list, especially because he hasn’t been a starting quarterback since 2015, when he made the Pro Bowl as the Vikings play caller. A gruesome leg in 2016 may have slightly altered his career but I have a lot of faith in Bridgewater from what I’ve seen in his limited play. The Panthers may have taken a gamble on signing Bridgewater, but I think it’s a gamble that is going to pay off as he’s very hard working and resilient. 

  1. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles 

Part 4 begins with one of the more controversial quarterbacks on this list, Carson Wentz. The second overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft is arguably one of the more overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, in my opinion. During his Sophomore season, Wentz delivered one of the most remarkable seasons for a quarterback in recent memory, recording 33 passing touchdowns, leading his team to an 11-2 record in the 13 games he started, and leading the league with a 7.5 TD %. The Eagles did go on to win the Super Bowl that year despite the fact that Wentz was injured at the tail end of the year, causing him to miss the remainder of the season and postseason. The problem for me with Wentz is that his 2017 season was an anomaly compared to his other three seasons. Not including the 2017 season, he has a 21-22 record, with only one winning season, and 0 Pro Bowl appearances. Wentz has also never thrown more than 30 touchdowns, other than 2017, and has only started all 16 games twice in his career. I think that Wentz does have a lot of positives to his game such as his ability to limit turnovers and come through with multiple game winning drives during the course of a season. With that being said I just can’t put Wentz any higher on this list until I see some positive postseason results from him and the Eagles. 

  1. Phillip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts 

Rivers finds himself in a very unfamiliar spot with the Colts, after spending his first 16 seasons with the Chargers organization. The Colts enter 2020 with their third new starting quarterback in as many years, as they look to see what Rivers will do with a new coach and organization. Rivers has been beyond consistent for the majority of his career offensively speaking. He has thrown over 4,000 passing yards 11 of the last 12 seasons, and will look to the same with the Colts this season. Along with this, he carries in a career record of 123-101, and has amazingly not missed a game since 2005. Rivers is getting on with age, as he’ll be entering his age 38 season in 2020, making him one of the oldest play callers in the league. Rivers will look to lead the Colts to the playoffs, a place where he’s had plenty of experience, with a career record of 5-6. He has a very impressive career quarterback rating of 95.1, although it did take a hit this past season where he finished with a rating of 88.5. I feel like this is a very fair spot for Rivers, as he’s been a very dependable quarterback for most of his career but really showed signs of regression this past year. That along with the fact that his record over the past five years is 35-45 lands him at the 14th spot for me. 

  1. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams 

Goff will be pushing hard for a bounce back season in 2020, after his team missed the playoffs this past season. Despite the missed playoffs this past year, the Rams have finished each of the last seasons with a winning record, mostly in part to Goff’s success behind center. Between 2017 and 2018, the team had a 24-7 in the 31 games that Goff started, a very impressive record. Goff also led the Rams to the Super Bowl in 2018, where they fell at the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots, in a very close game. At points this past season Goff didn’t look like he was completely in sync with a lot of receivers, as he led the league with pass attempts (626), but finished 19th in the league with his 62.9 completion percentage. Goff has impressively thrown for over 4,600 yards the past two seasons, one of the highest totals in the league, along with having 54 passing touchdowns, and 4 rushing touchdowns over that time period as well. Overall, Goff has been one of the better quarterbacks in the league these last three years, despite having a very tough rookie season. I think Goff is a borderline top 10 talent in the league, but I need to see the Rams bounce back to their winning ways once again to have me convinced. 

  1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

The 2016 MVP looks for redemption in 2020, after having back to back losing seasons with the Falcons. Ryan has had a very solid career with the Falcons, serving as their starter for the past 12 seasons. Over this time he is averaging 26.75 passing touchdowns, 4,265.5 passing yards, and a 94.6 quarterback rating, per year. Ryan has thrown for over 4,000 yards every year since 2010 and has a career record of 109-80. His 2016 season was a thing of wonder as he threw for 38 touchdowns, 4,944 yards, and was limited to only 7 interceptions. The Falcons also reached the Super Bowl that year and are remembered for their epic collapse during that game. Ryan is a very dependable quarterback, playing in a very competitive NFC South division. He’s definitely above average in my eyes, but he’s not at that elite level where I thought he might be after his 2016 campaign. 

  1. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers 

Roethlisberger will also look for a bounce back season in 2020 after he missed the majority of the 2019 season due to injury. Big Ben has been one of the best quarterbacks in the league during his career, having a very impressive offensive presence and winning mentality. In 2018, Roethlisberger led the league in passing yards with over 5,000 yards, a category that he also led in during the 2014 season. Along with being very impressive with his offense, he also manages to win a majority of the time that he’s on the field. Ben carries in a career record of 144-71-1, which includes two Super Bowl victories. Roethlisberger's passing touchdown numbers aren’t off the charts, but that doesn’t tell the entire story of his success. The Steelers have had many great running backs to complement, which is one of the reasons his passing yards totals are much more impressive than his passing touchdown stats.Overall Big Ben has an insanely impressive resume and I think that he can translate his past success into another successful season for the Steelers in 2020. Age is definitely not on his side anymore, and he’ll have to battle some lingering injuries but I think Rooethlisberger will be back in full force for the 2020 season. 

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers 

Jimmy G is the first quarterback to make my top ten, a very impressive spot for somebody who has only made 26 career starts. 2019 was Jimmy’s 6th season in the league, but it was the first in which he started all 16 games for a team. Garappolo has a very impressive career record of 21-5, although some credit has to be given to the 49ers defense who has been one of the best units in the league during Jimmy’s tenure with the team. That being said Garoppolo is a great quarterback that any coach would love to have behind center. He threw 27 touchdowns this past season along with almost 4,000 yards, leading the 49ers to a 13-3 record and a Super Bowl appearance. Garoppolo has shown that he has what it takes to be a real quality quarterback in the NFL, and there’s still room for improvement which is the craziest part. He’s a borderline top 10 talent who I think could be one of the best quarterbacks in the league next year. 

9. Kirk Cousins,  Minnesota Vikings 

You like that? Yeah well, I think he’s a top 10 quarterback in the game right now. One of the more overlooked quarterbacks in the game is Mr. Cousins himself, who has been the Vikings starter for the last two seasons. Cousins has thrown for over 4,000 yards 4 out of the last 5 seasons, and has led the Vikings to winning seasons the past 2 years. Cousins has been lucky enough to have elite receivers and tight ends with him in Minnesota which include Stefon Diggs (who is no longer on the team), Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph. Cousins has a career record just above .500, but I think that’s rather impressive considering some of the lousy Redskin teams he played for. Besides being a great leader on the field, Cousins is one of the most accurate passers in the league, leading the league in such percentage in 2015, and completing over 70% of passes in 2018. He’s good for close to 30 passing touchdowns a year, always has one of the highest quarterback ratings in the league, and is a quarterback who I would be very comfortable having behind center.  

  1. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys 

One of the most controversial quarterbacks in the league is Cowboys play caller Dak Prescott. Prescott has been in the news recently, after it was reported that he requested a contract with pay upwards of $45 million per year, a figure that I think is way too high for any NFL player. Even despite the crazy contract talks, I think that Prescott is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, despite what some would say about him. He has started all 16 games for the Cowboys over the past four seasons, finishing those games with a record of 40-24. Over those four seasons he is averaging 3,944.5 passing yards, 24.3 passing touchdowns, 5.3 rushing touchdowns, and just 9 interceptions. Prescott also has a very good career quarterback rating of 97.0, an impressive rating for four full seasons. I think that Dak still has room to improve, especially in the postseason, but overall I think he’s an above average quarterback who doesn’t always get the respect that he deserves.  

  1. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The G.O.A.T, clocks in at the 7 spot on my list, for the time being. Brady shocked the NFL world when he left the New England Patriots, a team he won six Super Bowls with, and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the offseason. Brady’s resume speaks for itself but I want to take a look at why he’s not in the top five for me. His age is obviously a big factor even though I tried to not factor that in when making this list (he’ll be 43 heading into the 2020 season). He also showed signs of regression this past season, despite having a few poor receiving cores with the Patriots. His quarterback rating in 2019 was 88.0, his lowest score since 2006. He’ll have some great targets to throw to in Tampa including former Patriots tight end Rob Grownkowski and Buccaneers Pro Bowl receiver, Mike Evans, which I think will help him regain his old form a lot. Brady did throw for over 4,000 yards this past season, but it just didn’t feel like he delivered the same energy to the team that he had in the past. I still think that Brady can be a very successful quarterback in the NFL as he climbs toward his mid 40s. With that being said I don’t think he’s got what it takes to lead a team at full strength for 16 games, let alone in a very tough NFC South division. Brady will definitely put up good numbers in Tampa, but he’s not who he used to be.

  1. Deshawn Watson, Houston Texans 

Breakout player of the year. If you liked what you saw from Deshawn Watson in 2019, I guarantee you’re going to like what you see in 2020 even better. He may not have his top target in DeAndre Hopkins, after he was traded to the Cardinals this offseason, but I think Watson will breakout this year and show fans why he is a top three quarterback in the AFC. He has impressively led the Texans to a 21-10 record over the past two years in the 31 games he’s started. Watson’s play during his three seasons in the league has been beyond impressive, especially his rookie season, when he threw 19 touchdowns in just 6 starts before he tore his ACL. Watson has very strong offensive numbers, including a career quarterback rating of 101.0, but his mobility is what really puts him this far up on the list for me. Somebody who can pass and run the ball as well as Watson can, is elite in my opinion. In his short career Watson already has 14 career rushing touchdowns and 71 career passing touchdowns. He’s still a young quarterback, but he’s building a strong resume and I think he has a shot to lead the Texans to a deep playoff run for the 2020 season. 

  1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers 

The 5 through 2 spots on this list were arguably the hardest part of the list for me, as the quarterbacks in these spots are all incredible at their job and are some of the best in the game. With that being said I have two time NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers at the five spot. Once his career is over, Rodgers will be looked at as the one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, as he has a rather lengthy and impressive career resume. After 12 seasons as the Packers starter, Rodgers has a career record of 113-60-1, has six seasons with at least 30 passing touchdowns, and has thrown at least 3,800 yards every year where he’s started all 16 games for his team. Rodgers is also a master at controlling the ball, as he hasn’t thrown double digit interceptions in a season since his 2010 campaign. Rodgers quarterback rating hasn’t reached over 100 in the last three seasons, which is one of the reasons I couldn’t put him ahead of any of the other four quarterbacks on this list. Rodgers will be 36 heading into the 2020, and I still believe that he has a lot of great play left in his career. Overall, Rodgers is a quarterback that any team would be blessed to have, and I believe that he could lead the Packers to another Super Bowl victory before his career is completed. 

  1. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens 

The 2019 MVP enters the list at the #4 spot, just ahead of Aaron Rodgers. 2019 was only Jackson’s sophomore season in the league, yet it was one for the ages. Jackson led the league in passing touchdowns with 36, and led the Ravens to a 13-2 in the 15 games that he started. Impressively, Jackson also set the single season rushing yard record for a quarterback, as he piled up 1,206 yards on the ground this year, along with seven rushing touchdowns to complement that. Jackson’s season was very impressive, but getting eliminated in the first round by a wild card team after a 14-2 season is surely not what they were looking for. I think that with another strong year Jackson can emerge as a top three possibly even top two quarterback in this league. Jackson is the only quarterback in my top five who has yet to win a Super Bowl, which speaks to how good his play alone is despite his team's mediocre postseason results. He needs to get that elusive playoff win that has escaped him so far, but once that happens I am confident that he can lead the Ravens to competitive seasons for years to come. (Picture Credit: CBSsports.com)

  1. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks 

The Seattle quarterback will be entering his ninth season in the league, and will be trying to lead the Seahawks to their third Super Bowl appearances during his tenure with the team. Wilson is everything that any coach would want in a quarterback, he is versatile, smart with the ball, and can make big plays when they are needed. Wilson is also one of the most durable quarterbacks in the league, as he’s never missed a start to date. He has a career record of 86-41-1, has made the Pro Bowl 6 times and is also a Super Bowl champion. Wilson’s winning ways is one of the reasons he ranks this high on the list, but his consistency is another reason why. Wilson is a great passer, who has thrown for over 3,100 yards every year in his career, and over 3,900 four years of his career. Wilson also sports a career quarterback rating of 101.2, a very impressive average for 8 years. To me Wilson is the complete package, someone who wants to win, has a great arm, and is one of the best rushing quarterbacks in the game. You can’t go wrong with having this guy on your team. 

  1. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints 

Brees, who will be 41 heading into the 2020 season is the best quarterback in the NFC, in my opinion. He’ll be entering his 20th season this next year, and it will be his 15th with the Saints organization. Brees is still an unbelievable talent who seemingly is able to top his previous offensive numbers year in and year out. Leading the league in passing yards six times in your career is no easy thing to do, yet Brees has managed to do that over the course of his career. He also led the league in passing touchdowns four times, completion percentage six times, completions six times, and quarterback rating twice. In his 15 years with the Saints, Brees has a quarterback rating of 101.3, he is the NFL career leader with 547 passing touchdowns, and is overall one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He’s got a plethora of awards under his belt and despite his old age, he is still a top two quarterback in the entire league. Brees will be looking to lead the Saints on one more Super Bowl run this year before he possibly sets off into retirement.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs 

The number one quarterback and player in the league without question is the reigning Super Bowl MVP and 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. Very little has to be said about his great play and insane offensive numbers which he seems to put up very effortlessly. In his two seasons as the Chiefs starter, Mahomes has already tossed 76 touchdowns, including the 50 that he threw in 2018. He has a career record of 24-7 as the team's starter and has thrown for over 4,000 yards in both of his seasons. Mahomes has also now shown that he is capable of winning in the playoffs as he led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl Championship this past year which included some gutsy performances in the title game and AFC Championship. Mahomes’ career quarterback rating sits at 108.9, which is insane even if he’s only played for two full seasons. There’s something special about this power thrower and the Chiefs are very fortunate to have him under center for the foreseeable future. If he keeps up his current play the Chiefs will be a problem for teams in the AFC for years to come. (Picture Credit: SI.com)

- Andrew Gardner, UNH '23 

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