R.I.P to the King of O Block By Mohamed Ali

In the sixth edition of Wildchat Sports Rap and Hip Hop, we present Dayvon Bennett, the artist who is formally known as King Von. He is a 26-year-old Black native of CHI Rack (Chicago) Rap artist from the O block. This artist had the ability to tell you a story that you could vividly visuals in your mind. He had us all convinced to hate people from 63rd street. He had a unique voice in my opinion and there isn’t a single person with his level of storytelling in the rap community right now. On November 6th, 2020 at 3 AM in Atlanta Georgia King Von with his crew and Quando Rondo another Rap artist with his crew were at Monaco Hookah Lounge. Two people in their crews were having a heated argument that was outside Monoco Hookah Lounge which quickly escalated to involve both the artiest and more people in their crews. Then suddenly at 3 AM, the Atlanta PD received multiple calls regarding shots being fired at 255 Trinity Ave which was the Monoco Hokah Lounge there were three police officers two of them who were off duty in uniform who were working a second job as security for the lounge and another police officer on duty in uniform who was patrolling in the nearby area who came to the scene. The three police officers walked into a hail of gunfire being exchanged between both crews the police had to fire their guns to try and cease the shootout that was in progress. The shooting had finally ceased and when the smoke cleared six people either had life-threatening injuries or who later on died at the hospital because of complications from their injuries.


There were no confirmed police injures or deaths involving this shooting. Theys six people who were injured were then rushed to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Where then authorities identified the victims among them were King Von age 26, Mark Blackley age 34 who had both died in the hospital than the other four people who were injured are Timothy Leeks age 22, and the three other victims that were injured names haven’t been released to the public yet. The alleged shooter who killed King Von has been identified as Timothy leeks who is part of the Quando Rondo crew who is in police custody at Grady’s hospital in Atlanta. The Atlanta PD has stated a part of their investigation is to figure out if the suspects involved had shot all six victims or if one of the three police officers who were involved in the shooting could have accidentally been responsible for one of the six victims’ injuries. The music artist Lil Durk who was on an Instagram live stream with his fans when he had heard the bad news that King Von had been killed and he proceeded to then make moves to buy out every seat on Quando Rondo’s concert so it would force Quando Rondo and his team to cancel the concert. Then after that many rumors started circulating that Lil Durk has put a 1, Million Dollar hit on Quando Rondo head for retaliation for allegedly killing King Von. There has been a large number of people that were in King Von’s circle who are also preparing to get some sort of retaliation because of his death. The streets of Chicago are unrest with many people gearing up to go on a full out war with Quando Rondo crew. The artist King Von had so much potential in his carrier a lot of us think he died at such a young age of 26. In my opinion, people need to understand that some people from the streets when they have a disagreement they aren’t going to fight with their hands there going to air it out with guns. In a situation like that people, lives are often taken because of stupid arguments that could have been settled without the need for guns to be used. There's been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding his death but no concrete information. We at Wildchat Sports are eager to find out what the full story is surrounding King Von’s death and will keep you guys updated when new information comes to light.

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