Ranking 2020 NFL Starting Quarterback's #32-27 By Andrew Gardner

Quarterback. The captain of a team's offense and often the most valuable player on any team. Heading into the 2020 NFL season there will be a lot of shakeup at the starting quarterback position for many teams across the league. Now that the NFL draft has concluded and rosters are theoretically finalized for the fall, I wanted to take a look at every quarterback in the league and rank them from worst to best. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but here are some of the things I looked for when compiling my list.


  1. How they performed last season. There are many quarterbacks who have had great careers, but there recent sample size hasn't been great. That's one of the biggest indicators for me and is something I greatly take into consideration.


  1. Team Success: Take Jameis Winston for example. He lead the league in passing yards in 2019, but now finds himself as a backup quarterback because of his inconsistency and lack of team success. Winning is very important to me when it comes to a quarterback.


  1. Age doesn't matter. This isn't a ranking for a quarterback who I would build my team around for the next five years, those rankings would be a whole lot different. This is a list for who I would want behind my center. Whether you're 45 or 20, if you're effective you'll place high on this list.


  1. Rookies at the bottom. Sure, many high quarterback draft picks have gone onto be stars in their first year of play. There are currently two rookies who will most likely be starters this year, but they find themselves at the bottom of this list because they've never played an NFL game. Give them a few games to prove themselves and this whole list will shift.





  1. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

Not much to say about Tua here. He's a rookie quarterback who will have to earn the starting job for the Miami Dolphins from both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen. A standout at Alabama, Tua came off the bench in the 2018 to lead the team to a National Championship and then followed that up by leading them back to the title game in 2019, where they lost to Clemson.  He was having another great 2020 until he was injured with a dislocated hip which caused him to miss the last few games of the season. He finished his collegiate career with 87 passing touchdowns, 9 rushing touchdowns, 11 interceptions and 7,442 passing yards in 32 games. There are still injury concerns with Tua but he has a lot of upside which Dolphins fans should be excited about.




  1. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

The 2019 Heisman winner, 2020 National Champion quarterback, and first overall pick in this years NFL draft comes into the league with a more then impressive resume. He'll definitely be the opening game starter for the Bengals, after the team released longtime quarterback Andy Dalton. Burrow, had one of the most impressive seasons in college football history for LSU last year, finishing the year with 60 passing touchdowns, 5 rushing touchdowns, 6 interceptions, and 5,671 passing yards. I think that Burrow will be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL season, but I just can't rank him over any of the other quarterbacks who have played in the NFL, even if it was only a few snaps. Burrow will surely be the quarterback of the future for the Bengals and could find himself as a top player in the league if he continues the type of play he started at LSU.




  1. Jarrett Stidham, New England Patriots

The heir to the throne. Jarrett Stidham. Certainly not the name that many people were expecting to replace the games all-time best quarterback in Tom Brady, but here we are. It is obvious that the Patriots organization views Stidham very highly, as they passed up on other quarterbacks in free agency and the draft, showing their commitment to him. Not known is much about Stidham at the NFL level, as he's only attempted 4 passes in his career, one of which went for a pick 6. Stidham was the starting quarterback for Auburn in 2017 and 2018, completing 470 passes, throwing for 36 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, along with 5,952 passing yards. He ranks the lowest among quarterbacks who have appeared in an NFL game, solely because there is so much mystery behind his game. He was a good quarterback in college but he's going to need to step up his play if he wants to keep his job as a starter. A 4th round pick in 2019, Stidham has big shoes to fill, but the Patriots have been successful with finding great quarterbacks in the later rounds. 




  1. Dwayne Haskins, Washington Redskins

The 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft struggled in his first year at the pro level. Haskins appeared in 9 games for the Redskins, starting just 7 of them and finishing with a record of 2-5. He threw both 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in those 9 games, and only managed 1,365 passing yards in that time as well. Many felt Haskins slipped in the 2019 draft as many predicted him to be the second quarterback selected, only behind Kyler Murray. The Redskins had a less then stellar supporting cast around Haskins, but I still need to see more out of him if he wants to stay a starter in this league. There is also the possibility of quarterback Alex Smith returning to the field this year for the team, after he suffered a gruesome leg injury back in 2018. Haskins will definently start the year as the starter, but he will have to show improvement for the Redskins to stay as the QB1 on their depth chart.




  1. Drew Lock, Denver Broncos

It seems that the Broncos may have found their guy, after a carousel of quarterbacks passed through their organization after the retirement of Peyton Manning. Lock took over the starting job for the team in Week 13 and never looked back finishing the season at 4-1 in the 5 games he started. He threw for 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in those games and finished with 1,020 passing yards along with a 89.7 QBR. Overall, I really liked what I saw from Drew Lock last year, it was just a little too small of a sample size. Lock was also faced with a mediocre receiving core however, the Broncos went out and fixed that in the draft selcting Jerry Jeudy with the 17th pick an KJ Hamler with the 46th pick. A 4 year starter at Missouri, Lock has a lot of good collegiate experience that I think will help him make big strides this next year.




  1. Tyrod Taylor, Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers lost their long time starting quarterback, in Phillip Rivers to free agency and quickly turned to the draft to select quarterback Justin Herbert from the University of Oregon in the first round. It doesn't look like Herbert will be ready to be everyday starter this year so the Chargers will turn to verteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor to lead the team. Taylor, who was on the Chargers last year only attempted 6 passes, but did complete one for a touchdown. He was the starting quarterback for the Bills from 2015-2017, and even made the Pro Bowl in 2015. He's a fairly average quarterback with legs who can be dependable for a team when needed. He brings in a carrer winning record, with a mark of 23-21-1 along with 54 passing touchdowns, and 9,562. Taylor's not going to light the world on fire for LA but he will be a good mentor for Herbert, and will hopefully set the team on the right track. (Picture Source: Yahoo! Sports)


Part 2 (26-21) will be posted Thursday 5/14


-Andrew Gardner

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