Sean Kelly Is Changing The Digital Era Of Sports

(Image Credit via Sean Kelly IG)

In terms of social media, we constantly hear about young entrepreneurs such as Logan & Jake Paul, Charli D'Amelio, Josh Richards and others. It's clear that leveraging attention into diverse business opportunities has been the best investment for these young stars. But there is one business mogul that has quietly and consistently made a splash in this space, and it's a 24 year-old by the name of Sean Mike Kelly. For those who don't know, Sean started his first business, Jersey Champs, his freshman year at Rutgers University where he initially posted unique jerseys on Instagram which later transitioned into an online jersey store. He then dropped out of college and invested $1000 into the store without carrying any inventory.  After a couple years, Jersey Champs quickly became a multi-million dollar empire. The youngster immediately changed fashion for sports and rap culture icons as his product was worn by Donald Trump, Stephen Curry, Mark Cuban, Roddy Rich, Logic, Russell Westbrook, Lil Pump and more.

After a surge of sales and popularity, the college dropout continued to accumulate millions of followers in hopes of leveraging social media to his empire. As of today, Sean has over 2M followers on his personal IG account and 1.8M on Jersey Champs page. You would think any 24 year-old would be satisfied with such achievements and even consider retirement right? However, Sean continues to channel his success in other areas whether that's hosting events, supporting small businesses and restaurants, collecting rare sports cards, building some of the largest discord communities, occasional social media consultation,  and even launching his own NFT collection. Yep, Sean is building an entire separate community but this time it includes 10,000 dinosaurs representing 10 different teams and sporting of course, dope jerseys .

To provide more context Sean and three others launched "Chibi Dinos" this past week on OpenSea, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens, and the digital assets released sold out 40 seconds into pre-sale with a base price of .06ETH. These Dinos quickly became a hot commodity being numbered 1-99 with #23 being the rarest. To top it off, the future meta verse basketball league is expected to bring on NBA players to act as team "captains" for owners of these assets. It's also been rumored that Sean is designing replicas of the same Jersey's these Dinos are wearing and soon will make them available for sale. In general, it's clear Kelly has had continuous success with creating communities on the internet... safe to say this latest project is only the beginning for the impressive entrepreneur.



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