The Barstool Fund, And It's Lack of Media Attention By Brian Dolan

A couple weeks ago Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy posted an Instagram story that went viral. In addition to calling out politicians, Portnoy advocated heavily for the restaurants who have been absolutely decimated since the start of the pandemic. Almost immediately after posting the video Portnoy was asked to “put his money where his mouth is” and start a fund. 

He did just that.

Within days Portnoy and Barstool started the “Barstool Fund” which would help get small businesses through the pandemic. In typical Barstool fashion they took to social media to campaign for the fund. Things only blew up from there. 

As of the moment I am writing this blog the fund has received over 18 million dollars in donations. Several prominent athletes and celebrities such as Tom Brady, Dana White, Scott Van Pelt and even the Mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri have all made big time donations. Portnoy posts videos daily notifying small business owners that Barstool will get them through the pandemic. These videos accrue hundreds of thousands and even millions of views on Twitter and Instagram. 

Yet throughout all of this, there’s been nothing but crickets from the mainstream media. One would think that these mainstream outlets who constantly virtue signal how much they care about struggling individuals would want to promote something that could help so many. But because they have a personal vendetta against Portnoy and Barstool as a whole they will continue to completely ignore the fund. 



Even after ESPN’s biggest personality (apologies to Stephen A) tweets that he will donate $20,000 to the fund they will not give it even one single promotion. Don’t worry though, they’ll make sure let you know the next time Beyonce donates $5,000! In a time where so many are suffering the Barstool Fund is providing so many with hope and security. It’s a shame that these mainstream outlets can’t step up when they can actually do some good. 

Link to the Fund:


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