The College Football Playoffs from an Outsider’s Perspective

The College Football Playoffs from an Outsider’s Perspective Last night, the College Football Semifinals took place and it left me with a few thoughts. Now before I get into this I want to let you all know that I do not watch college football unless I am completely bored out of my mind, or if there’s simply nothing on TV. Last night was one of those nights where I was extremely bored. Honestly, I didn’t even know who was in the playoffs up until I saw the “Notre Dame vs. Alabama” and “Clemson vs. Ohio State” banners pop up on the screen. I have zero interest in any of these teams, however I was excited to watch them play. Alabama vs. Notre Dame I’m surprised with how much I actually enjoyed watching the first game because I HATE Notre Dame and Alabama… I take that back. I HATE Notre Dame and it’s weird because I am your typical Irish-American dude from Long Island (most Irish-American Long Islanders would take a bullet for the team). I don’t know what caused this hate but it’s been a staple of my sportswatching for the past twenty-one years of life. No matter how hard I try to like the school, the “Irish,” I realize that I cannot. They are just a bunch of frauds. The only thing that I can say that I like about them is Rudy, but even that is just alright. Now before I get a little too far off topic, I want to shine a light on the fact that I just stated. Notre Dame is a fraud school. They have all the hype all year round, but for what reason? They came into this game with full confidence of winning which makes sense, but why? Notre Dame does not deserve to be in the place they are, or were. They suck. Yes, I said it, Notre Dame Football sucks and Alabama showed the nation why. Last night’s game was all Alabama and I realized that in the first quarter when Najee Harris hurdled over that one guy. He jumped approximately one thousand feet in the air and continued to run the ball for about 60 yards.


It was one of the most athletic plays that I have watched in a very long time. It showed us all that Alabama was the better team, and it reminded us of the one thing that Alabama is consistently good at: recruiting running backs. Over the past few years, we have seen a number of great running backs come from this school: Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, Eddie Lacy, etc. And now we see Najee Harris, who’s probably going to get drafted by a terrible team and waste away his future playoff hopes and Super Bowl dreams, but people will always remember him for this play. The time that he pressed “Y” (or “triangle” for all you PlayStation users) at the perfect time to hurdle over the ND defender. This was the point when I knew Notre Dame’s season was coming to an end. Oh! I forgot to mention how Nick Saban is the first ever coach to defeat a ranked team after beating COVID-19 twice. Two times, folks! Kudos to him for doing that and congrats to Alabama for making it to the CFB Finals. Ohio State vs. Clemson The later game was pretty solid too. Well, if you like either one of those teams… I didn’t watch any of this one, but there was one point where I saw Trevor Lawrence and said, “oh he’s still playing?” So that pretty much sums up the battle between Ohio State and Clemson. Trevor Lawrence was still playing (not too well) as the Tigers were blown out by THE Ohio State, 49-28.

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