The Tom Brady Effect is Already in Full Effect By Justin Trevisani


Since Tom Brady officially signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there has been a genuine buzz surrounding the team. This is a buzz that the Bucs have not been accustomed to, as they are consistently towards the bottom of a lot of statistics that determine popularity (i.e. game attendance, jersey sales, TV ratings). This can be demonstrated by the simple fact that the Buccaneers finished ranked 30th of 32 teams in attendance last season while playing one single primetime game on Thursday night. With Brady now in the fold, there is an extensive waiting list for fans to purchase season tickets while the team is slated to play in the maximum number of five primetime games (tied with seven other teams). In recent years, the team has struggled to fill Raymond James Stadium due to a lack of excitement surrounding the team. If the NFL and its fans are fortunate enough to be able to pack into stadiums once the season comes around, it appears the Bucs won't have that same problem. In terms of television, the Buccaneers are not typically given the national spotlight. Outside of their own market, they are lucky to be televised other than on the NFL RedZone channel. This season, they will have two games on Sunday Night Football for the first time since 2016, a flexed matchup at Jerry's World against the Cowboys. Paired with two Monday night games and a Thursday night matchup and the Bucs have quickly become relevant for the first time since the Jon Gruden era. Trading for Rob Gronkowski certainly helps to generate buzz. Having an established coaching staff and a young and emerging roster including stars such as Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Lavonte David, and Devin White helps as well. However, all of the attention the Buccaneers are receving is because of Tom Brady. Before the season is even close to starting, Brady has given a franchise with glimmers of hope something to believe in. How Brady fares with his new team once everyone gets on the field will be an interesting, and eye-catching, development.


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