Olivia Dunne Is Set To Become The Highest-Earning Collegiate Athlete Ever


Image via Pinterest LSU

Since last week NCAA athletes can now get paid for their name , image and likeness. Many athletes are celebrating but the biggest winner of them all may be LSU gymnast, Olivia Dunne. If you don't know of her, she's garnered a massive following with almost 1M followers on IG and 4M on TikTok becoming the largest followed athlete in all of college sports. But up until this point, she couldn't make a DIME off her social channels as it would've violated those NCAA agreements. Now she is ready to go after tweeting "NIL rules changed, lets get to work" and by "work" well that could mean her making a million dollars at the very least via endorsement deals. This is only the beginning for social media phenom as she heads into her sophomore year and hopes to continue to make history. So without further ado lets congratulate Olivia on becoming a millionaire, she's going to be making BANK.

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