Tory Lanez in Trouble? By Mohamed Ali

The second edition of Wildchat Sports Rap and Hip Hop we present Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson formerly known as Tory Lanez. A Black Candian native Rap and Hip Hop artist. The artist who has been on the spotlight lately about an ongoing case between him and Megain the Stallion.On July 15th, 2020 the LA police department got a phone call from an unknown person saying that they had heard five gunshots and seeing a black suv peeling off the scene. 

The police pulled the vehicle that matched the description over . The vehicle belonged to Tory Lanez and Megan the Stallion was inside this particular vehicle. There was a heavy police response to the scene with a helicopter they had told Tory Lanez ,Meghan the Stallion to get out of the vehicle which they complied with. The police put Tory Lanez and Megain the Stalin in handcuffs. The police had noticed a gun shot of some kind on Megan's stallion foot; they proceeded to ask her about that but she didn't respond to tell them about the circumstances of how she had a gunshot to her foot. Then  the police proceeded to search the SUV and they  found an illegal unregistered  firearm in the vehicle that allegedly belonged to Tory Lanez. The LA county police department then arrested rap artist Tory Lanez for the firearm then took Megain the Stallion to receive medical attention for her injury.After being booked at the LA county police station Tory Lanez posted bail for 35k.At that point Megain the Stallion took to instagram after many of her fans speculations revolving her gun shoot injury to her foot she had said “Tory Lanez had shoot me in my foot”.That post went viral in seconds then she proceed file  a police report. In the media when people found out that Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megain the Stallion there came a cancellation culture towards Tory Lanez. Everyone quickly switched up on him people he once considered as friends said things like “Fuck Tory Lanez and he sucker for doing something like that to a female”.The media wouldn't cover him whatsoever and not even hear his side of what events happened that day. They stopped covering his albums or promoting any music associated with him which I dont think thats right. What I  have learned in my life is that there is always more than one side to the story and we haven't received the full version of it. So I don't think we should start going after a man's reputation and morals in the media.

That people also should stop with the short man Tory Lanez jokes the man’s is 5’7ft tall average height.I understand there is a large amount of women abused with violence world wide yearly I am not defending men that do that at all. The men that do abuse women should get punished to the full stent of the law. But we can't all  start pointing fingers at  someone without evidence to back it up with.  In America all people are innocent until proven guilty but Tory Lanez hasn't been given a chance for that. Just a couple days ago the LA county police department issued a warrant for Tory Lanez arrest. He is possibly facing 22 years for one count of carrying a loaded unregistered handgun and one count of assault with a semi automatic handgun if convicted. But him being a canadian citizen could complicate things such as  he could be deported back to Canada or if he is convicted he could possibly face his sentence in America. There's a lot of unknown variables involved in this case such as what did the LA county police department find to link Tory Lanez to the shooting of Megan the stallion many of us including myself at wildchatsport will be watching to see how this case plays out and  if it goes to trial.

In his latest album Daystar he raps about his innocence that he wouldnt of done something like that to Megain the stallion.I think we all need to find out the full story of what had happened from both sides then come to the conclusion who’s innocent or guilty.


image via incorporated lifestyle

Credit due to Officer Hollis of Tewksbury, MA

By Mohamed Ali

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