Undertaker Shoots Via John Brecko

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What makes this news interesting is the fact that it did not happen in a wrestling setting whatsoever. It did not happen during a general conversation between two wrestlers, it did not happen in an interview, on a wrestling podcast, etc.

The Undertaker would shoot on the product the WWE is showing to the public on the “Joe Rogan Experience”. (A shoot is when a wrestler talks about a product and it is off script)

Mark Calaway believes “There is too much pretty and not enough substance”. He even went on to say that the product that WWE puts out is “hard to watch at times”.

It is not surprising that a legend would shoot on the company. It may be a little more surprising because it is still a new concept for everyone to hear the Undertaker on someone’s podcast. Joe Rogan is not a person involved in the wrestling business, which only added to the surprise of hearing the Undertaker shoot on WWE.

The Undertaker also talked about what he saw backstage and how wrestlers are concerned with making themselves “look pretty” before they go out to the ring. He would continue by saying he missed the days when “men were men”, talking about how older wrestlers cared about being tough then going out to the ring and looking “pretty”.

Even Joe Rogan was surprised when he heard the Undertaker make these comments about WWE and wondered if he would get in trouble for saying them. The Undertaker would reply with, “Probably.” Joe Rogan laughed at the reply.

“It is probably going to piss a lot of people off, but they need to hear it”, the Undertaker continued.

The Undertaker also addressed the fact that there are some wrestlers who will look at him as a “bitter old guy” for saying this. Mark Calaway would go on to state that he is not bitter and he “walked away when he learned to walk away”.

The Undertaker retired at Survivor Series this past November, exactly 30 years from the day he made his debut in the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment).

Conversations about the Undertaker’s retirement took place for well over a decade before the Undertaker finally decided to end his in ring career. His last match took place at Wrestlemania 36 last April against AJ Styles.

Mark Calaway mentioned that he had been looking for one last match he could be proud of to “hang his hat on” and retire. He continued talking about the production of his match with Styles, which according to the Undertaker, “began at eight at night and did not end until five in the morning”. By the end of it, the Undertaker could “hardly stand up” and he realized this would be the final match of his career the morning after it took place.

Mark Calaway also stated that even though he wants to continue on in his head and his heart, “the body just cannot deliver anymore”.

A 30 year in a major wrestling company is unheard of for any professional wrestler. Almost all other wrestlers competed in another company at some point. There are a few that would stay with the company they broke out in. However, none of those wrestlers continued to compete for 30 straight years.

Mark Calaway has had a career like no other as The Undertaker and if there is any opinion that WWE should take into consideration, it is the opinion of a man that wrestled in their ring for 30 years.

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