Who is Megan thee Stallion? By Mohamed Ali

credit: Knicks Film School

In the fourth edition of Wildchat Sports Rap and Hip Hop edition, we present Megan Jovon Ruth Pete known to most people as Megan thee Stallion. The artist is from  Houston, Texas she does Rap and Hip Hop music. She grow up in the music industry because of her mother who had a seven-year music carrier starting in the 2000s her stage name was Holly Wood. The artist Megan the Stallion has mentioned that she has been writing songs since she was seven years old but was uncomfortable sharing her music or her talent with the world at the time. Her first carrier choice was far away from the music industry she was enrolled at Texas Southern University as a Health Administration major. She was in class one day when she noticed a group of guys freestyle rapping something which was a new type of thing for her it encouraged her to try freestyling she surprised everyone in that group with her verses. Then she went home told her family about her hidden talent and then rapped a couple of verses to her mother who thought she sounded amazing. That day sparked a light in Megan the Stallion to pursue her music carrier. She is still a full-time student at Texas Southern Unversity and says that it’s hard skipping class sometimes when she has to perform a show. Her mother quit her full-time job to become her manager with her prior experience in music she was a prime person with much wisdom and knowledge about the industry.

The Stallion part of her name comes from when she was in high school people would mock her height of 5’10 and her body shape by saying she looks like a Stallion. She used to hate being called it and was ashamed of her height and shape but then eventually she accepted it adopted it to her stage name. She has dropped music such as SAVAGE and was featured on the song WAP the music video for the song keep in mind dropped two months ago has a mind-blowing 266 million views on YouTube. It has been known that Megan the Stallion was the person who started the Hot Girl summer movement in 2019 which quickly became a global summer movement for many of her fans. You probably have seen her or heard of her in one of our previous articles about Tory Lanez how they have an ongoing case about a shooting allegedly involving Tory lanez and the victim being Megan the Stallion. There hasn’t been any more information about that shooting released by authorities on the case yet but Tory Lanez raped in his album called I ain’t do it and mentioned a key piece of information “ you got shot from behind how can you identify someone you couldn’t see”. Which for me and others assumed that Megan the Stallion saw her attacker but if what Tory Lanez is saying about the attack is true it wouldn’t be possible for her to identify her attacker. All of us at Wildchatsports are eager to find out the full story of the case we will keep you guys updated if any new developments come to light involving the case.

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