A Look Into James Gandolfini's Relationship With The NYJ

Image via FTW - USA Today
Yesterday would’ve been James Gandolfini’s 60th birthday as we remember his passing in Italy during the summer of 2013. But the beloved actor's legacy from the hit HBO series, "The Sopranos", continues to live on to this day... even in the NFL. Yes, the man who portrayed Tony Soprano was a diehard New York Jets fan and was extremely vocal about his passion for the team. Although it may seem surprising, it really isn't. Gandolfini grew up in New Jersey long before he become a suburban monster on the Sopranos. He naturally grew interest of the team being from the area and frequently attended games prior to his passing. Gandolfini also narrated the video of the Jets' 2011 season, which was later used as part of NFL Films' "NFL Yearbook" series. Ironically, former Jets coach Eric Mangini made an appearance in an episode of the Sopranos in 2007 and worked alongside the icon. There are plenty of other connections the award winning actor has made with the organization and to this day is considered the greatest celebrity Jet fan of all time. I wonder if he thinks Zach Wilson has what it takes to be a varsity athlete...RIP Mr. Gandolfini.