Addison's UFC Role Was Well Earned By Kevin Larney

Image via E! Online
This past weekend, TikTok star Addison Rae was hired as a correspondent for the UFC. After her first night on the job, she tweeted out "I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment". The next day she was fired. The reason was because of the backlash she received as fans were saying she didn't earn the position and believed she only got it due to her social status. College students studying journalism in particular are furious. In my opinion, this is absolutely ridiculous.
I've never met Addison but anyone who is socially aware knows this is her way of staying grounded about her latest accomplishment. If she were to announce and expressed her hard work for the position, people would've reacted the same way or called her "fake". I've been extremely fortunate to work/talk to some of these influencers, youtubers, and anyone else with this kind of stigma, but they get more hate in their field than other professionals. There is this perception that people like Addison Rae don't work to get in the position that they are in. But how I see it is there is a reason she is still relevant and has been able to sustain the hype. Plenty of influencers and celebrities are one hit wonders, but very few are able to stay consistent with that kind of success. There is a reason why people can only name a few TikToker's by name and that's because the internet is so saturated nowadays. Don't get me wrong, the tweet may have been slightly insensitive but we have to remind ourselves how soft twitter is. Also, for those saying she's just a "TikToker", wouldn't you want to support her for diversifying her career? All these other influencers are becoming boxers, business owners etc why can't she leverage her likeness as well? She's clearly trying to do different things but people still pigeon hold her as a youtuber etc. Regardless, as someone who recently graduated and is trying build a portfolio for myself in this space, I still think it's utterly ridiculous that people are upset over her role and I personally believe it just shows signs of insecurity. I really hope she gets another shot.