An Ode to Lil Dicky’s Love Of Sports By Conor Daniel

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“I Kareem Abdul, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, these hooks got me scoring see me coming from afar, Kareem Abdul, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, this is my lane, let me show you how to ball.” Lil Dicky has blown up and I’ve been along for the ride since the start. Some people know him from his FX Show titled after his government first name, “Dave.” Some know him from his viral music videos. If you don’t know him, I hope this blog makes your day. 

If you are a true LD fan, you know how much he loves sports. All his early music had the most clever sports one-liners. “Forget about your era, Pat Summitt.” (Pat Summitt won 8 women’s college basketball titles then got Alzheimer’s, yikes) Lil Dicky is from Philly. He has been seen at plenty of 76er’s and Eagles games. “They put the boy on the jumbotron, Just to pump up the crowd.” Dicky is quoted saying, “I care so much about Philadelphia sports to a level that is ‘unhealthy.’” In some of his music videos and episodes of “Dave”, he has popular athlete cameos. He has an affinity for playing basketball. Also, Dave showed off his game at the 2018 Hip Hop All-Star game. A lot of the artists there were surprised and impressed. He is said to have an “unreal” range. On ESPN, he had a great clip of why he is the fourth Ball brother. “Add up my views to sum it up, I was just on Sportscenter, dun-na-nah.”Like Lil’ Wayne and Mike (formerly Mike Stud) he is in tune with current sports events, which are evident in his verses. “I got em (shh) like a mime, Odell might cut on a dime.” He has commercials for Madden 17’ and 19’ featuring Gronk, Antonio Brown, Von Miller, Quavo, and Nicki Minaj. Lil Dicky was even lucky enough to go to Leonardo DiCaprio’s house and play tennis which must be a nice famous perk. “I play tennis with Leonardo, how yall train? On track like cargo.” 

I could go through every track and find at least five witty sports lines by LD. “Call the bitch Bill Buckner, the way she blew it.” Every one of them gets me to laugh. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to think about the line before I understand it. There’s a reason he calls himself, “the rap Larry David.” If you have three minutes today, just listen to his Opus Magnum for sports. One of his first songs from 2013 that does a way better job of explaining his love of sports better than I can. -------> Lil Dicky - Sports