Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

Image via Baptist Press
So honored to say this, but Wildchat Sports recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton. In this interview guest host Jack O'Hara asks Bethany about her greatest challenges, filming movies, being a mother of 3 kids, and proudest accomplishments.

In 2018, Bethany released an action-filled documentary "Unstoppable" based on her upbringing and the healing after the event. The film gives an inside look towards the professional surfer's day-to-day routine and attempts to give justice of the obstacles she had to overcome. She also shares in our conversation she "LOVED" the biopic Soul Surfer featuring actress AnnaSophia Robb but shed's light that the doc is "who she really is". 

In our latest episode, Bethany is not shy about her faith as it was something she inherited before the incident occurred and when going through her struggles in 2003, she described the experience as being at peace and trusting god. Since then, she has been trying to spread that same faith with others dealing with own adversity. She did this by launching Ohana experiences mother-daughter mentorship program and is also the founder of Friends of Bethany, which reaches out to amputees and youth, encouraging them to overcome difficulties by offering hope through faith.

But one challenge that many don't know is Bethany shared was being a mother of 3 children. When asked how being a competitive surfer compares to being a mother, she mentioned when having a family she is "always on" and in surfing you prepare for one moment and not necessarily always on alert as much. One incredible story that many don't know is Bethany surfed in competitions when pregnant...yes you heard that right. We won't spoil the story so make sure to watch the documentary, "Unstoppable" on Netflix, to hear more about. Might be one of the craziest yet inspiring stories we've heard and it truly centers on how persistent she really is.

Make sure to follow Bethany on all social platforms as she has some great projects to come and is launching her 90 day mother-daughter retreat soon. Tune in to our latest conversation with her out now!