Blue Ivy & HOV Spotted For Game 5

Image via TODAY


Game five of the NBA Finals, in which the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics went head to head, occurred on this past Monday night, and had some extremely unique VIP visitors courtside. Most notably, Jay-Z and his little girl Blue Ivy were spotted, sitting up front during the game and shared a delightful dad girl second when the camera panned to them in the crowd. In the video posted by the official NBA account on Instagram, the broadcaster said as a camera zeroed in on the pair, "Back with us in the cove at Chase Center this evening, 24-time Grammy grant champ, the all in all, Jay-Z!" The rapper then pulled Blue Ivy — who was wearing a dark moto coat, dark pants, and high contrast Nike tennis shoes — in for a sweet embrace and kiss on the cheek, however she at first had a go at disregarding her father. This was one of the more wholesome moments during the finals at least in celeb row. With Beyoncé seemingly staying out of public, Blue could find in her place in row 1 next to her dad moving forward.