Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom Preview

Via Radar Online

Well, there is yet another celebrity boxing event coming up. This time it's the "battle of the platforms" with Youtuber Austin McBroom fighting against TikTok star Bryce Hall. McBroom (29) first challenged Bryce Hall (21) back in December of 2020 via an Instagram post. Initially Hall seemed hesitant to respond, but after an exchange of tweets the two now headline tonight's card.

There have been plenty of other altercations leading up to this point however. Earlier last month the two were promoting their fight at the main press conference but suddenly the room turned into an all-out brawl and the broadcast ended shortly thereafter. Tensions were heated as security could barely get the two to separate from one another. Then just last week, Hall & McBroom's entourage had an encounter at the Logan Paul/Mayweather fight which also had to be broken up. Clearly these two aren't fond of each other which should make things a little more interesting. 


Bryce Hall announced on the No Jumper podcast that he is set to make $5M for accepting the fight, 4% of the PPV as well as $1M KO bonus. Safe to say the 21-year made a wise business decision. Although it is unknown how much McBroom is set to make, he appears to be just fine sporting his private jets all over his social pages and this fight is just another dime in his pocket.


In general, both have to prove that they are legitimate athletes and make an effort to break the "influencer" stigma. However, for someone like Hall...this could just be the beginning of an extraordinary career both as an athlete/influencer. If he proves he can entertain a crowd in this space, there's a strong case to be made that he's on track to potentially be the first social media billionaire. The celebrity boxing feud continues tomorrow at 7pm ET.