Chase DeMoor: Netflix Star & Pro Athlete

Image Via Chase DeMoor IG

This past week I had the opportunity of interviewing Chase DeMoor, star of season 2 of  Netflix's, Too Hot To Handle, as well as professional football player. Besides his social media stardom, Chase's ambitions to make it into the NFL are taken very seriously. In our interview conducted, Chase started playing football initially as social status symbol in high school. He enjoyed meeting new people and how others on the team were treated. However, he quickly became extremely passionate for the game and was determined to play for a division I school despite majority of athletes in his town going division III. He played DE for Central Washington University and quickly became one of the key anchors on defense as the team won back-back championships. Now the man hopes to get a shot in the NFL and has even received workouts from teams such as the Seattle Seahawks. But the question is... did his appearance in THTH propel his chances to get in league? When asked, Chase said "absolutely" and admitted that there has been a lot more attention on him because of it. He also reflected on how hard the grind was for him early on in the audition process for the show as he said he would wake up at 3:30am for a shift at Starbucks, then practice at 9:30am and throughout day, and then create content on social media in evenings. It wasn't easy, but Chase says he hasn't slowed down and only expects him to continue the influencer lifestyle on top of football. Safe to say Chase has provided plenty of avenues of success for himself and will continuously grow his personal brand.