Chris Rock Oscars Situation & Knicks Fandom

via New York Knicks
Chris Rock. You may know him for his hilarious stand up comedy, his iconic voice overs in favorite cartoons, his old SNL stand ups, or even his infamous movies with friend Adam Sandler. However last Sunday, that may have all changed after being slapped in face by Will Smith on live TV when presenting the Oscar nominees. It's been the talk of the week as the comedian has been respected by many for how he handled the situation.
So how does this affect Chris Rock's image? Well, it's fair to say he was a victim of the most surprising moment in the history of national television and for at least the foreseeable future, his name will primarily be attached to Will Smith's.
Chris is currently on tour and has said he won't make jokes about the incident but when he does it will be "funny", after hosting a live show in Boston. Ticket sales for his tour have reportedly soared 200% after the Oscars frenzy however mentally Chris seems to still be progressing what has all happened. Will Smith on the other hand, has made a public apology to Chris and resigned from the academy this afternoon.
Prior to last weekend, Chris has remained fairly quiet and out of the press. Over the past year, Chris has been seen courtside at MSG cheering on his beloved New York Knicks attending games with celebrities Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Tracy Morgan, Spike Lee and more. But with him on the road for tour & attention from Oscars, it may be awhile until we see him put his feet on the hardwood again.