Clay’s Plays 3/4

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Yesterday’s parlay didn’t go as planned unfortunately. It was not just one leg that lost it for us, I had a whole bunch of wrong picks. Pelicans shockingly lost at home to the Bulls, right after beating the Jazz. Bautista Agut had an awful match which I didn’t see happening considering his opponent, and the Kings lost. I apologize if you rode, I did feel good about it going in. Let’s try it again today. This is also a learning experience as I have never given my picks out through a blog like this, so I want to try something new, in order for you guys to profit daily on my picks. I am going to tell you which picks from my parlay I recommend betting straight as well, and how many units I recommend on those. The parlay will always be a one-unit play. Overall record: 8-4



Celtics 1H ML (-250) [Straight bet 1u]

Spurs ML (-275)

Hurricanes ML (-300)

Panthers ML (-135) [Straight bet 1u]

Islanders ML (-192)

Frances Tiafoe ML (-120) [Straight bet 2u]



Celtics are at home against a Raptors team missing multiple key players. Raptors lost by 24 to the Pistons last night at home. I feel good that the Celtics will be able to build up a lead fairly quickly In this matchup.

Spurs are playing great basketball right now. They just embarrassed a good Knicks team on Tuesday, beating them by 26. The Thunder are not a very good team, so the Spurs should handle this one no problem.

Hurricanes are playing amazing right now and I don’t see any reason why that should stop, at home, against a 7-15-3 Red Wings team. This is a lock if I have ever seen one.

Panthers got a win stolen from them on Monday against the Hurricanes. If you watched the game it was obvious it was a game the Panthers should have won, but a late goal by the Hurricanes sent it to OT which led to a loss. Regardless of those results, Panthers are playing well enough that they should win this game comfortably.

Islanders have looked very good this season, and the Sabres have looked terrible. With the Islanders at home too, I have little doubt that they lose this game.

Tiafoe had a similar line to this on Tuesday, against a similar level opponent. Tiafoe went out and won that match 6-1 6-3, proving Vegas underrated him heavily. Apparently, Vegas is still underrating him, with this low line of -120, so let’s use it to our advantage. Tiafoe is playing great right now and I like him in this one no doubt.