Clays Plays 3/15

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We ended the week on a parlay that summaries this week’s bets perfectly, so close, but no hit. The Maple Leafs had a terrible game. They let up 2 goals in the first 10 minutes, then brought the deficit back to one, and then let up 2 more goals right at the start of the second period. They made a little bit of a comeback, bringing it back to 4-2; However, it was too little too late. The Trailblazers ended up losing by 2 also later in the night, so we were two close losses away from hitting. Still, we finished with more money than we started the week with, so not a bad week. Let’s start this week hot, before all chaos breaks loose with March Madness. Overall Record: 34-18



Hornets ML (-158)

Hornets vs Kings Under 241 (-150)

Lightning ML (-307)

Panthers ML (-170)

Capitals ML (-235)

Golden Knights ML (-240)



I have bet on the Hornets for both of their games since the all star break, and they have hit both times. Hornets are a good enough team that they should win the games they are supposed to win, especially at home. Just like they did against the Pistons and Raptors last week, I expect the Hornets to take care of business against the Kings tonight.

Hornets and Kings are two young, offensive teams; Which is why the over/under line is so high. I see this being a decently high scoring game, but the Hornets have won their past two games with a total points of 207 and 218, so I like this game being under 241.

Lightning have been dominant all season, and face a terrible Predators team, at home. I do not see this being even slightly close, and Lightning should win no problem.

Panthers have been killing it this year, having a tied record with the Lightning. They just beat the Blackhawks 4-2 on Saturday, and I expect them too do the same tonight.

Capitals just beat the Flyers twice this weekend, and have won 4 in a row. They should be able to ride their hot streak to an easy victory over the Sabres tonight. Sabres have not been good, and their 10 game losing streak should not end tonight.

Vegas has been playing great all year, and should beat the Sharks for the fourth time in four meetings this year tonight. Especially with the game being in Vegas, I do not see the Sharks having a shot at winning this game, should be a lock.