Clays Plays 3/18

Image of Kid Rock Via Jim Davidson


We hit last night. The parlay was still alive when I fell asleep, and was awesome to wake up to see that the Golden Knights and Casper Ruud both pulled out wins. Both were tight, but a win is a win, and we are now $50 richer. Lets see if we can do it again, I feel good about this 5-teamer today. Overall Record: 47-22


Michigan State ML (-135)

Panthers ML (-208)

Hurricanes ML (-192)

Bruins ML (-265)

Kei Nishikori ML (-126)



March Madness has arrived, and with that I have my first pick of the tournament. The only first four game I feel confident enough to bet on is Michigan State here. They have been hot recently, and face a not great UCLA team. I like MSU here, and think they can potentially win a game in the tournament.

Panthers stay hot, and tonight they face the Predators, who they should handle once again. Last time they played was an away game, and the Panthers still won 6-2. Tonight they are home, and I expect an easy win for them.

Hurricanes suffered a rare and surprising loss to the Red Wings on Tuesday. They were on a big win streak prior to that, and I expect them to start winning again right away tonight against the Blue Jackets.

Bruins play the Sabres tonight. What else do I need to say… Sabres are terrible, they just fired their coach, and I do not see a way the Bruins lose this game.

Kei Nishikori faces a respectable opponent in Lloyd Harris. Kei has been playing great tennis recently since returning from an injury. He has beat 3 good opponents so far this tournament, and I expect him to do it again here.