Clays Plays 3/19


Not a successful betting day yesterday. We do not need to get into detail but most of my picks were wrong. Today is March Madness day though, and I couldn't be more excited. We have mostly CBB plays today, as you would expect. I have done my research, and I feel good about my picks. Here’s today's picks. Overall Record: 49-25


Celtics ML (-275)

Winthrop ML (+235)

Texas Tech ML (-181)

Purdue ML (-305)

SD State ML (-158)

OK State (-340)


Celtics face the Kings at home. Celtics have had a mysteriously bad season so far, considering how much talent they have. I think they will figure it out before the season ends however. Tonight, against the Kings, at home, the Celtics pull this out.

Winthrop over Villanova is probably a popular upset prediction on the first day of March Madness, but for good reason. Winthrop is a good team, with just 1 loss on the season, and it coming by 2 points. Villanova has not been typical Villanova this season, and to make things worse, they just lost their best player in Collin Gillespie. Since losing him, Villanova has looked like a far worse team, and that's why they get upset by Winthrop today.

Texas Tech starts the tournament run off against Utah State today. I am high on this Texas Tech team, being led by Mac Mclung. I think this team has a chance to go far, and it won’t be Utah State that stops that from happening.

Purdue has a good team as they usually do, and can go far in this tournament. They face off against North Texas in round 1 today, and I just have zero hesitancy on sending this pick.

San Diego State has what could be a pretty tough game in front of them. They face Syracuse who has been a bad team all year, until recently… Syracuse has some big wins recently and people are high on them for this reason. Syracuse has been known to make some magic in March, but I do not see it happening this year. SD State is too good of a team to let the Syracuse March magic get to them.

Oklahoma State is another team with the potential to make a run at this year's tournament. They are lead by Cade Cunningham, the best player in college basketball and the likely number 1 pick in the draft. I always am a believer that the best player can win games alone in March, and for this reason I do not think Liberty has a shot in this one.