Clay's Plays 3/2

Via Paint Touches

If you didn’t trust me yesterday when I told you I was hot and to ride my picks, then you probably feel like a fool right about now. We started off the blog series yesterday with a huge parlay hit! I told y’all I was hot and I meant it. RIDE MY PICKS and tell your friends, your loved ones, your acquittances, and anybody in between to ride them as well. Lets see if we can do it again today on day 2. Here is my 6-team parlay for today’s board. Current record: 5-0


Heat -1.5 Buy 2 points (-150)

Arkansas -4.5 Buy 2 pints (-150)

Michigan ML (-335)

Lightning ML (-175)

Albert Ramos Vinolas ML (-260)

Borna Coric ML (-265)


Heat just beat the Hawks without Jimmy Butler by 10 on Sunday. Jimmy is questionable for tonightbut the Hawks also have a couple injured players. After Sundays game I feel very goof about this play.

Arkansas just won team of the month and are the 12 ranked team in the country. As a South Carolina student, I am well aware of how garbage of a team we have. I like this play a lot.

Michigan has been on a tear recently, and I don’t think that ends tonight. Illinois is a good team, but in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s got this one in the bag.

Lightning just beat the Stars 5-0 on Saturday. They are away this time, but I do not think that’s enough to change the results. I think this is a good play and should hit.

Ramos-Vinolas just made it to the finals of a tournament last week and is playing very good tennis right now. If he keeps playing like he has been, he should win this no problem.

Borna Coric is inconsistent for a top player on the tour, but like I said, he is a top player on the tour. I have honestly never heard of his opponent, and I think he should handle this match with ease.