DeBrusk Still Wants Out By Shaun Petipas

Image via Jake Debrusk IG

The Boston Bruins might’ve finally found a solution to their problems with Jake Debrusk producing on the first line with Marchand and Bergeron but with the trade deadline looming what does Debrusk want to do?


“After speaking with DeBrusk’s agent, Rick Valette, there has not been a change of heart,” Pierre LeBrun said. “This means the trade demand is still in place for DeBrusk, to hopefully, in his case, get a trade out of Boston by the March 21 trade deadline.”


So, it appears he still wants out of Boston and with his production increasing it could increase his trade value as well. He has tallied nine points in the last six games and the Bruins aren’t looking just to offload Debrusk for a bag of pucks. They should be looking for something of the same value if not better. Debrusk has proven he can play a top 6 role with the right group of forwards so I would expect if the B’s can’t find a trade that would help them now for a cup run then he might just stick on this team until the end of the season.


The Bruins have given Debrusk and his agent the ability to talk to other teams to see if they can work out a contract extension if he were to be traded so that his restricted free agent potential would be terminated, and his sizable pay increase would as well. He would be set to make 4.4 million if he were to become a restricted free agent and that might have some teams spooked. 4.4 million dollars for a streaky player such as Debrusk is a big ask and some teams and that is why contract extension talks have been allowed so teams can try to lock him up for cheaper but longer contract. This could also be beneficial for the Bruins as they can ask for more as Debrusk really wouldn’t be a rental for that team thus, allowing the B’s to demand more in a trade.


On the outside looking in it looks like JDB has found his game and is potting goals left and right but if you actually go back and look at the goals, he’s scored they’re really not that special. It’s great they are going in for him and he is getting to the dirty areas because that’s a part of his game, but I urge fans not to get too attached because this Debrusk won’t be here for long. He can see the light at the end of the tunnel in his Bruins career and he is showcasing himself on the top line to try and be traded in the next three weeks. He is finally engaged and making plays, but where was this earlier in the season and if he’s not traded will he just revert to the “cold JDB”?

Just one last note of mine that is purely opinion: JDB is playing on a line with two of the best forwards in the league on the top line, getting solid minutes and powerplay time. Does Debrusk really think he’s going find a better situation than he is currently in somewhere else? Maybe Edmonton since it’s his hometown and could play with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisatl but that is a situation that is highly unlikely. I hope he keeps his hot streak and the western showcase worked for the Bruins to get a first pairing LD.