Deni Avdija Already Making His Mark By David Migliaccio


While many people currently in Washington are lazer focused on issues like the crisis at the border, and getting America vaccinated, the basketball and fashion world has their eyes on something else in DC. Deni Avdija, the ninth overall pick in the 2020 draft has had a luke-warm entrance to the NBA, with an average stat line of 6.1 points, 4.6 total rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game. But in that luke-warm pool of statistics, he is making ripples in the fashion world. Whether you love or hate his style, it’s gonna you feel something.

His colorway in the photo on the left side is outstanding, with the army green complimenting the beige of his Nike x Stussy shoes almost perfectly, and the middle photo showcases his beautiful Nike Dunk SB’s, successfully matched with an orange sweater. However, one can’t help but wonder what he is doing with those pants photographed on the right.

Although every average joe and sneakerhead can both agree that the Dunk low’s are always a great choice, the clashing of two shades of blue that are too similar, yet different, was a bad decision. When this is combined with the pants as the centerpiece of the outfit, all men and women can agree that this was not a good look for the Wizards young forward. Hopefully, we will continue to see heat flooding his Instagram page, but I think I speak for all of us when I say he should tone it down a bit.


Images: @damnfaqs (instagram)

@deniavdia8 (instagram)