EP #61-Johnny Damon Discusses Leaving Boston By Clay Horowitz

Image via Fever Pitch

In this rendition of the Wildchat Sports podcast, Kevin Larney & Andrew Gardner have the opportunity of sitting down with Yankees and Red Sox legend, Johnny Damon. The two-time all-star, and two-time World Series Champion had a fantastic 18-year career with the Royals, Athletics, Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Rays, and Indians. 

Damon discusses growing up in Kansas, as a Royals fan. He was an elite athlete, dominating in baseball, soccer, football, and track from a young age, always being the tallest and strongest among competitors. He speaks on his opportunity to run track and play baseball at the University of Florida, but after being drafted in the first round of the 1992 draft by his hometown team, going straight to the league was a no brainer for a kid that “(didn’t) come from much.” He then discusses his journey through the league from being called up by the Royals straightfrom double-a ball and never being sent back down, to returning from a horse back ride in Hawaii with 100 missed calls and learning that he was traded at the A’s, to then signing with the Red Sox and having the best years of his career as well as helping to end their 85 year World Series drought, to “apologetically” leaving the Red Sox for the arch-rival Yankees after the Red Sox and winning the 2009 World Series with them, to his late years with the Tigers, Rays, and Indians. Damon then speaks about what he is currently up to, still rocking his classic long hair, residing in Tampa a few houses down from Shaq, and hanging with his childhood friends.